Million Dollar Houses chords with lyrics by Pierce The Veil - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Pierce The Veil – Million Dollar Houses chords

Mhmmkay so noone's posted this yet so I figured I'd help out :)

Capo 5

Chords used: Am , CMb13/B (technical name, I'll explain) , F , G

So for the weird one I basically took the Am and moved a few things:

So basically finger your Am a bit differently and it's an easy transition. Chord Progression Verse Am CMb13/B F G Chorus F G Am CMb13/B "As times like this run up my wrists" Am CMb13/B F G "Maybe we're meant to lose" F G Am CMb13/B My first tab on here and I would've done a better job but I gotta go lol so if you have any corrections send them to :D
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