Pilate – Into The West tab

Artist: Pilate
Song: Into The West

Pretty basic but beautiful song. This song is played on
piano but these guitar chords will work as well. 

Capo I - All chords relative to capo

Intro: F Am F Am F Am E E

F		    Am
When you cross that bridge into the west
F            Am
and all my memories follow you there
F		Am		    E
where love took shape and love woke shame
now I'm left to take the blame

for rushing in, for closing up
for selling off what we built up
you were never wrong but all the same
my way was so hard to change

F			C
so hard to change
F			C

This wollen blanket, this sea-side view
and the war we waged on ocean chill
as we slipped away the gray stood still
held captive apon this hill

and the lies you told, the resold of fame
where all your actions belie your name
when the rising sun won't break my fall
you'll still be the one I call

the one I call

Repeat F and C until end
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