Pink Floyd – Dogs tab ver. 2

From: Howard Wright (Hman) 

                             DOGS  -  Pink Floyd

The other dogs.crd file from Nevada has some mistakes in it 

I think it was just a slip-up when it was typed, but the last two
chords it gives sound horrible.

I think you have to tune all strings down a tone to be in tune 
with the record, so the strings should be tuned to : DGCFAD

The shapes are :

   022032     x33010     xx4420     xx3310

    Dm9       Bbadd4     E7sus4    Ebmaj7sus4

These chords fade in slowly over the Dm9

Play 4 bars of each chord :

 Dm9       Bbadd4       E7sus4       Ebmaj7sus4

It repeats over and over........

One extra point : there is a little grace note, or added note on
the last two chords of the sequence (E and Eb)

On the last strum of each bar add a finger on the top D string
- for the E chord, add at the second fret, for the Eb chord add
at the first fret.

I can't TAB out the exact strumming pattern as it's pretty busy
playing, but for these two chords with the extra note it looks
roughly like this :

D--0--0-0---0--0-0---0-2-- .... --0--0-0---0--0-0---0-1---- ....A--2--2-2---2--2-2---2-2-- .... --1--1-1---1--1-1---1-1---- ....F--4--4-4---4--4-4---4-4-- .... --3--3-3---3--3-3---3-3---- ....C--4--4-4---4--4-4---4-4-- .... --3--3-3---3--3-3---3-3---- .... G------------------------- .... --------------------------- .... D------------------------- .... --------------------------- ....
^^^^ ^^^^ note added here and here I've missed out the three repeated bars in the middle and at the end What I've tabbed is just one bar's worth of each chord. Hope you get the idea Enjoy !
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