Pink Floyd – Dogs tab ver. 3

Not sure where the dropping down a whole step came from but the song is in standard, dropped-D tuning.  I figured this out by ear, sound pretty good to me. 

p.s.  this is my first time writing tab, hope it turns out okay!!!

The chord progression as follows:

These are just the chords, strum along with the song to get the rhythm. Occasionally add these little slides in there with these chords:
Alright, now the fun part!! For the sake of time, I'm going to just list segments of the song and what chord progressions go where. It will be very unstructured but simple enough to play along with the song and figure it out! Enjoy!! The same chords as the intro are played through the 1st verse, 2nd verse, 1st guitar solo, and 3rd verse. Then the beautiful guitar harmony part (bridge?) just the chords: before that play this=> A-------------3-------- lowD--5/7-o--5/7---5-3-0-- Chords (just play in this order: --C--D--C--D--C--Bflat--F--Eflat--F--Eflat--D-- Then it's just the rhythm guitar playing this: --D(same as intro D) play a few times then...
e--1--3----------0--0----------------B--3--5----------3--2----------------G--3--5-play 2x--2--2--------2---2--- right into DD--3--5----------2--2-----2----------A--x--x----------0--0--0-------------D--x--x----------x--x----------3---2-
Play during 2nd solo: D and C... through this in there... --Bflat-C-(four times)-- back to D --End with Bflat--C 2x --A as above 4th verse("And when you loose control..."): D and C again... then with "The bad blood..." play D then when he sings "Stone.." play Bflat then to A...back to D ("And it's too late...") then with "...Good drown..." play the Bflat to C 2x to A again. Then play D during the middle keyboard/dog barking section. Then it comes back with the intro chord progression which is played through the 5th and 6th verses, and through the 3rd solo. Then back to the bridge (beautiful giutar harmony) FINALLY....end with this chord progression as Roger sings the "Who was..." parts: --D/E--F--E--D--C--D--C--repeat then when he sings "...By the stone." play Bflat--------then A---- then end with the "who was dragged down by the stone."
----------------2---2----- end with DD-------------2-----------A-----------0-------------D-----------------3---2---
I hope this isn't completely confusing. You'll be able to figure it out, it's relatively simple, yet amazingly beautiful!!!! Have fun!! -mas
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