Pistol Annies – Lemon Drop chords

Lemon Drop 

Capo 4

GMy muffler's tied on with a guitar string
CI owe $7000 to a bank machine
G D'Fore this car is ever really mine
GBut some fine day I'll drive her downtown
CGet a burger and fries and a royal crown
D GThankin' God that I'll never have to pay another dime
CMy life is like a lemon drop
GI'm suckin' on the bitter to get to the sweet part
D GI know there are better days ahead
G I got dirty shirts and worn out jeans
CI owe two dozen quarters to a washing machine
G D'Fore these clothes'll ever really shine
G But I got me a man who just don't care
CIf his little darlin's got underwear
G D GI know someday I'm gonna be his wife
DI got thrift store curtains in the windows of my home
GI'm payin' for a house that the landlord owns
DBought a TV on a credit card
GIt'll take me ten years to pay it off
CBut some fine day I'll be drinkin' a beer
GIn a big backyard I own free and clear
D GOh I know there's better days ahead
GSo I'll play my hopes and play my dreams
CJust like two coins in a slot machine
G D GSayin' glory hallelujah if everything works out fine
D GLord I know there's better days ahead
Thank God
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