Pistol Annies – Beige chords

Capo on 2

Intro.:  |(A7) (A6) |(A6) (D/A) | x 2

(A)Mama planned it (D)all, said it's (A)pretty in the (D)fall
And the (G)flowers would (A)be (Bm)roses and (G)daisies (F#m) (Em)

And she (A)prayed nobody (D)saw the (A)weight that I put (D)on
The (G)bride shouldn't (A)be 4 (Bm)months and 3 (G)weeks (F#m) (Em) (A)

(G)Daddy's (A)pride and (D)joy is (G)marry-(A)ing some (D)boy
And (G)he looked a-(A)fraid the preacher (Bm)turned the (G)page (F#m) (Em)
And (G)I was (A)wearing (D)beige

(A)Nowhere Baptist (D)church (A)wrinkles in his (D)shirt
No one's (G)having a (A)ball at the re-(Bm)ception (G)hall (G#m) (Em)

And we didn't (A)take no honey-(D)moon with what we've (A)got ourselves into (D)
A quick (G) "I do" and (A)then back (Bm)home a-(G)gain (F#m) (Em) (A)

(G)Daddy's (A)pride and (D)joy was (G)marry-(A)ing some (D)boy
Now every-(G)one in this (A)place knows (Bm)I didn't (G)wait (F#m) (Em)
'Cause (G)I was (A)wearing (Bm)beige, (G)I was (A)wearing (D)beige

Outro.:  |(A7) |(A6) |(A7) |(A6) |(A7) |(A6) |(A7) |(D) -----
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