Pixies – Surfer Rosa Album tab ver. 2

Surfer Rosa Album 
                        by The Pixies
                     Edited by Victor C. Perez (yira@dorsai.dorsai.org)

From: faureyti@inf.enst.fr (Laurent Faureytier)
                        Bone Machine

D  A  C  G... Through whole song....

Slow bit: D  C  F  G

Lead Guitar:e 5555------------B 6666----8888----G ----7-5-77777-5-D -------7-------7A ----------------E ---------------- ^ ^ bend bend
Break My Body transcribed by Adam Farmer Corrections very welcome. Rhythm guitar: plays barre chords throughout, it's not very prominent on the record. during verse there's the odd strum on a G chord with a few A# chords thrown in when the lead guitar moves up a fret. Also when the bass guitar plays that short funky section there's a D chord behind it. for the chorus the rhythm plays : A G F Bb G C A break my body hold my bones hold my bones Lead guitar
play above throught verses
play above at end of verses
play above pattern through chorus and then
--13-12-10------------------------------------13-12-10-------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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