Pixies - Where Is My Mind tab

Pixies - Where is my Mind?




  E  C#m  G#  A (4x)

[VERSE 1] E C#m G# A With your feet in the air and your head on the ground E C#m G# A Try this trick and spin it, yeah E C#m Your head will collapse G# But there's nothing in it A And you'll ask yourself [CHORUS] E C#m Where is my mind? G# A Where is my mind? E C#m G# A Where is my mind? E C#m G# A E G# A Am C#m B Way out in the water, see it swimming. [VERSE 2] - (E C#m G# A) I was swimmin' in the Carribean Animals were hiding behind the rock Except the little fish But they told me, he swears Tryin' to talk to me, to me, to me -CHORUS- [SOLO] - play B over it (there are actually two guitars playing the solo but I just tabbed one cuz they are kinda similar)
E|-------------------------------|-------------------------10--12--14^-|B|--7---7---7--7-----------------|--------7--7\10--10--12--------------|G|--9^--9^--------9--7--7--7-----|--7--9-------------------bend last---|D|----------------------------9--|------------------------ note a few--|A|-------------------------------|-------------------------times-------|E|-------------------------------|-------------------------------------| ^ = bend r = release bend \ = slide
-VERSE 1- -CHORUS- (just repeat E C#m G# A until the end) With your feet in the air and your head on the ground Try this trick and spin it, yeah
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