Five Years tab with lyrics by Placebo - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Placebo – Five Years tab

There are only a handful of chords in this song, but it's important to get the rhythm
& timing right to get an accurate sound. Practise along with the song; it helps!
Here's the chords if you need them:

G Em Am C De|---3--- |---0--- |---0--- |---0--- |---2---b|---3--- |---0--- |---1--- |---1--- |---3---g|---0--- |---0--- |---2--- |---0--- |---2---d|---0--- |---2--- |---2--- |---2--- |---0---a|---2--- |---2--- |---0--- |---3--- |---0---e|---3--- |---0--- |---x--- |---x--- |---x---
one thing to note beforehand is that in the song the G & E minor chords are linked by two notes; G & F#. this link should be played as follows:
e|---3-------0---b|---3-------0---g|---0-------0--- and so on. this is the case every time these two chords d|---0-------2--- are played together. let the G chord ring on as youa|---2-------2--- fret the two notes, and play them strongly.e|---3--3-2--0---
G pushing through the market square Em so many mothers sighing Am news had just come over, we have C Five years left of crying G news guy wept and told us Em he said earth, was really dying Am cried so much his face was wet C then i knew, he was not lying G i heard telephones, opera house, favourite melodies Em there were boys toys, electric guns and TVs C my brain hurt like a warehouse, it had no room to spare Am i had to cram so many things to store everything in there C and all the fat, skinny people Am C and all the tall short, people Am G and all the nobody people C D and all the somebody people Am C never thought i'd need, so many people G girl my age went off her head Em hit some tiny children Am and if the black hadn't have pulled her off C then i think, she would have killed them G soldier with a broken arm Em used to stare into the wheels of a cadillac Am cop knelt to kiss the feet of a priest C and a queer threw up at the sight of that, well G think i saw you in an ice-cream parlour Em drinking milkshakes cold and long Am smiling and waving and looking so fine C don't think you knew you were in this song G and it was cold, and it rained, so i felt like an actor Em and i thought of ma, and i wanted to get back there Am your face, your waist, the way that you talk C i miss you you're beautiful G we got five years stuck on my eyes Em five years, what a surprise, we got Am five years, my brain hurts alot C five years, that's all we got G (ending chords are Gs) we got, five years [tabbed by Maneater]
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