Placebo – Jackie tab

Placebo - Jackie

Am                                G
 Jackie left on a cold, dark night telling me he'd be home,
F                                           Am 
 he sailed the sea for a hundred years and left me all alone.
Am                                              G
 Now i've been dead for twenty years i've been washing the sand with my ghostly tears
F                                    Am
 Searching the shores for my jackie oooh.
        Am                                              G
And I remember the day that the young man came said your jackie's gone 
                            F                         Am
He's lost in the rain and i ran to the beach laid me down
           Am                                                 G
You're all wrong, i said as they stared to the sand, that man knows the seas
                                    F                         Am
Like the back of his hand, he'll be back sometime laughing at you.
Am                                       G
 I've been waiting all this time, for my man to come take his hand in mine
     G                      Am
 And lead me away to unseen shores.
          Am                                    G
i've been washing the sand with my salty tears searching the shores these long years
      F                      Am
and I walked the sea forevermore
        G              Am   G
till I find my jackie oooh,
         Am - G
jackie oooh,
         Am - G
jackie oooh,
         Am - G - Am
jackie ooo-oo-ooh.
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