Placebo – Follow The Cops Back Home tab


Artist   : Placebo
Title    : Follow The Cops Back Home
Album    : Meds

Tabbed by: dustin7up
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Tuning   : Normal {E,A,D,G,B,e}

May 14, 2007

{NOTE: I know this might not be 100% perfect,
       and this might not be the way they play it, but
       this is just how I play it. And it sounds
       good to me. Hope you like it!}


Ab = 466544	Db = 446664
G  = 355433 	Cm = 335543
F  = 133211	Fm = 133111
Eb = 335343

Intro/Verse 1:e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------13~-------------------------11~-----------------------9~------------------8~--------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| {x4}A|---11-11-----11-11-11-11--11---10-10-----10-10-10-10--10---8-8----8-8-8-8--8---6-6----6-6-6-6--6---|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 2:e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------13~--------14-13---11-11---------------13-11---9-9-----------11-9---8-8-------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| {x4}A|---11-11------11-11---------------10-10~--10-10-------------8-8~--8-8------------6-6~--6-6-6-6-----|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: Ab Eb The call to arms was never true, Fm Time to imbibe, here's to you, Eb I'll tell you stories bruised and blue, Ab Drum machines and landslides. Eb Just one more round before we're through, Fm More psychedelic yuppie flu, Eb It's such a silly thing to do, Ab Now we're stuck on rewind.. Chorus: Cm Let's follow the cops back home, Ab Cm Follow the cops back home, Ab Cm Let's follow the cops back home, Eb Ab And rob their houses.. Verse 2: Ab Eb The call to arms was never true, Fm Let's take a ride and push it through, Eb Suspended animation in blue, Ab Blame it on apartheid, Eb Let's spend the night in Jimmy Choo's, Fm I'll give you coats and cheap shampoo, Eb I'll give you nothing else to do, Ab Now we're stuck on rewind.. Chorus: {x2} Bridge: Ab Eb The call to arms was never true, Fm I'm are you? Cm Let's take a dive swim right through, Ab Sophisticated point of view. Chorus: {x2}
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