Planet Smashers - Super Orgy Porno Party tab

Band:      The Planet Smashers
Album:     Life Of The Party
Song:      Super Orgy Porno Party
Tabbed by: Parker Johnson
This is only my interpretation.  The actual song is mainly an organ, drums,
bass and horns, but it has faint ska guitar.  This tab works, but I'm not
saying it's accurate - the tab somewhat mimicks the organ.  I play the chorus chords and 
verse chords the same, but upstroke twice per chord on the choruses (as illustrated), 
four times per chord on the verses.  A simple bass tab is at the bottem.
played with very quick ska upstrokes
fig. 1
fig. 2-iE-5----7----5----7-7---------------|--|B-6----8----6----8-8---------------|--|G-7----9----7----7-7---------------|--|D-7----9----7----9-9---------------|--|A----------------------------------|--|E----------------------------------|--|
or another way of playing this part (play both if possible):fig. 2-iiE-1----3----1----3-3---------------|--|B-3----5----3----3-3---------------|--|G-2----4----2----4-4---------------|--|D-3----5----3----5-5---------------|--|A----------------------------------|--|E----------------------------------|--|
fig.1 for choruses and interludesfig.2 for prechoruses ("it's time to redefine....")Thats it for guitar, for bass, heres a simple bassline. Its not even closeto complete - I didn't bother trying to tab it. It's one of those basslines that never repeat themselves and just go EVERYWHERE on the fretboard.Anyway, this should get you by. You should really listen to the song,particularly for the bass to figure out how its played.G------------------------|D-----3-3----------------|A-3-3-----5-5------------|E-------------3-3--------|
verseG-------------------|D-----3-3-----------|A-3-3-----5-5-------| |E-------------3-3---| |
x2G------------------- ---|D-----2-2----------- ---|A-5-5---------2-2--------| /E---------3-3------------|
chorus x4G-------------------|D-----3-3-----------|A-3-3-----5-5-------|E-------------3-3---|That, ladies and gents, is about it.
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