Planet Smashers – My Love tab

                     The Planet Smashers - My Love
Here are the basics. Figure out how many times each chord is played before
the change by listening to the song.


e|--2------2-----2----2---| B|--2------2-----2----2---| G|--3------3-----3----3---| D|--4------4-----4----4---| A|--4------4-----4----4---| E|--2------2-----2----5---|
e|--2---0---2---0---2-----| B|--2---0---2---2---4-----| G|--3---2---3---2---4-----| D|--4---2---4---2---4-----| A|--4---0---4---0---2-----| E|--2---0---2---0---2-----|
e|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|---------2-------7------| D|---4--4--2--4----7------| A|---4--4--0--4----5------| E|---2--2-----2-----------|
VERSE You think your life is difficult Well mine's a little bit harder You see I've got this problem My girlfriend is a vampire CHORUS Blond hair Brown eyes Thin waist My prize VERSE She sleeps during the day When I'm not exactly tired It ain't much fun in a coffin My girlfriend is a vampire CHORUS Sucks blood Likes bats Big fangs My love VERSE You can't taker out in the sun You can't take a picture of her Her ex-boyfriend is a werewolf My girlfriend is a vampire ===============================================================================
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