Planetshakers - Open Up The Gates tab

Open Up The Gates
Planet Shakers

Based off of playing power chords

This Is the key they play it in.

Intro Bm  E

Bm                           G#m
We come into this Holy place
To bring a sacrifice of praise
                                             Bm   E    Bm    E
Bow down before you and seek your face
Bm                                       G#m
We sing of the mighty things you've done
Cry out to you "let your will be done"
                                             Bm   E    Bm    E
Tell all the World you're the Holy One

Pre Chorus
F#m                              G#m
Hear the shouts of praise
                E                Bm
As they're rising up to you
F#m                              G#m
Come and fill this place
As we bring glory to your name

Bm                 E
Open up the gates and let the
Em7             E
King of glory in
Bm                          G#m
Fill this house with praises as we
Lift our hands and worship you
Bm                 E
Open up the doors and let your
G#m                  E
Glory fill the earth
G#m          Bm         E                        Bm   E    Bm    E
King of heaven we dance before your throne

King of heaven come and
Take your place
Dwell among us as we
Seek your face
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