Planetshakers – Even Greater chords



D Am7 G DNow is the time for God's people to arise
D Am7 G Dthe day is here Lord your kingdom we will build we are called
A Bm G A Bm G For greater we are called for more let your love
A Bm G C G and power move through us
D Gma7+2/BAll we want is you Lord come and fill us hear the cry of our hearts come
Em7 G D and pour it out pour it out on us You alone are the one we desire
Gma7+2/B Em7 G you alone are the one that we're living for so pour it out on us
Instrumental Em Gma7 Bm A Em Gma7 Bm A X2 Bridge
Em Gma7 Bm A Em Gma7 Bm We believe for even greater we believe for more A
Em Gma7 Bm A Em Gma7 Bm A Let your power come upon us we believe for more
Chorus Bridge
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