Planetshakers – You Are God chords

Verse 1:
Am CWhere there is sickness, there will be healing
Am GWhere there is bondage, there will be freedom
Am C Where there is sorrow, there will be laughter
Am GWhere there is darkness, Your light will shine bright
G Am FFor the old has passed away
G Am FAnd this is a brand new day
C GYou are God, You are God
Dm F GYou are so glorious, You are so powerful
C GYou are God, You are God
Dm F GYou are victorious, You are the One Jesus
Verse 2: Where there is blindness, there will be vision Where there is lacking, there’ll be provision Where there is hurting, there will be healing Where there is downfall, there will be victory Bridge:
F G CWe call upon Your Name Lord
Am The Name above all names
C GWe call upon the Name that saves
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