Planetshakers - Big chords version 1


Artist: Planetshakers
Title: Big
Album: Rain Down
Tabber: Jajai
Key: G

Rhythm is kinda tricky. Go practice the timing.


Em - D/F# - G - A -Bm - D/F# - G

Verse 1:

Em - D/F# - G - A -Bm - D/F# - G

(use chorus chords)

Verse 2:

Em - D/F# - G - A -Bm - D/F# - G


G - D/F# - A - Bm
G - D/F# - A

Bridge :

Guitar 1

Em - D/F# - G

Again, practice the timing for this part. =D

Guitar 2

Intro Verse1 Interlude Verse2 Chorus Verse3 Chorus2x Bridge Chorus2x Bridge Any comments? mail me =D Godbless.
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