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Plumb – Blink chords

Blink by Plumb
no capo

intro (optional): C Am G C
Fmaj7I'd like to remember
CI'd like to know all you are
Am GI'd like to know eveything you'll be
Em Am Where will you go? What will you do?
Fmaj7 C GWhen the world's right in front of you
C Am Fmaj7 Gchorus: When I think of how slowly life passes by
C Am Then I'll blink and you're growing
(Fmaj7)C GNo longer a child
C Am Em G AmWhat I can do, to capture this moment in time
C Fmaj7 Am G CIs to sing you a lullaby
Fmaj7 I like to watch you dream
C AmI like to touch your face
GI like to hold you in a sweet embrace
Em Am When will you laugh? When will you cry?
Fmaj7 C GWhen you need a special place to hide
intro: G C Am Fmaj7 G C Am Fmaj7 C G C Am Em G Am Fmaj7 C Am Gchorus
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