Invisible chords with lyrics by Plumb - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Plumb – Invisible chords

Hey guys! This tab is for Plumb's awesome song, "Invisible". As you can see, I posted 
the guitar tab and the chords for you guys! I got everything by ear so feel free to 
correct me. Thanks for viewing and God bless!

                            PLUMB - Invisible
                               CAPO on 5

*TAB FOR Intro, Verses, and Ending*:

Dm I'm sick and then I'm well
BbmSo full, so empty still
You leave me wanting
Dm Oh tell me where'd you go
BbmDon't be invisible
Cause I am reaching
Dm Save me
BbmGo on break the glass
Dm Take me
BbmI'm never going back, No
Dm Bbm Oh oh oh oh
Dm Bbm Oh oh oh oh
Dm Here on the other side
BbmOh there's no place to hide
My heart is racing
Dm Hold me, take me in
BbmWithout you I can't live
Gravity's pulling
Dm Save me
BbmIt's our only chance
Dm Take me
BbmThere's no going back
Dm Bbm Oh oh oh oh
Dm Bbm Oh oh oh oh
Dm I cannot see you
Bbm But I can feel you
Am I just wanna be with you
AI've nowhere else to go
AI've nowhere else to go
Dm Bbm Oh oh oh oh
Dm Bbm Oh oh oh oh
Dm Bbm Oh oh oh oh
Dm Bbm Oh oh oh oh
~julieeheeart08 ;)
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