Plus 44 – No It Isnt chords

No It Isn't
When Your Heart Stops Beating
2006 Interscope Records
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Key: A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F#m    244222
D      xx0232
A      x02220
E      022100
Bm     x24432
E/G#   476xxx
C#m    x46654

Intro: F#m  D  A  E  F#m  D  A  E/G#  

Verse 1:
F#mPlease understand
DThis isn't just goodbye
AThis is I can't stand you
EThis is where the road
F#mCrashed into the ocean
DIt rises all around me
And now we're
Abarely breathing
E/G#A thousand faces
we'll choose to ignore Chorus:
Bm C#m D Curse my enemies for ever
Let's slit our wrists
F#mand burn down
E Dsomething beautiful
BmThis desperation
C#m Dleaves me o ver joyed
With fading lights
F#mthat lead us past
E D C#mthe lives that we destroy
Interlude: F#m D A E Verse 2:
F#m D I listen to you cry
AA cry for less attention
EBut both my hands are tied
And I'm pushed
F#minto the deep end
DI listen to you talk
ABut talk is cheap
And my mouth is
Efilled with blood
F#mFrom trying not to speak
DSo search for an excuse
AAnd someone to believe you
EIn foreign dressing rooms
I'm empty with the need to (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: A Bm D x4 (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: F#m D x2 Verse 3:
F#m D They're riding where I thought
AOn different bad intentions
ESuffocating any moods
F#mAnd now all my dreams of cash ins
DSupporting to abuse
AYou'd lost your brain
EAnd It sound that feels like me
F#mSo Please understand
DThis isn't just goodbye
A(hold)This is I can't stand you
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