Plus One – Here In My Heart chords

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artist:plus one
titled:here in my hearth
chords by:jamuel

CAPO:second fret :) 

A/ D AWherever you are tonight girl
Bm - E AI'll see you in my dreams
A D A Wherever I go tomorrow
Bm E AYou'll be here next to me
C#m DAnd though we are a world apart
A E breakI know you'll never be that far
[c h o r u s]
A'Cause here in my heart
Bm - EThere's a picture of us
D A Together forever
D EUnfaded and unbroken
AWherever you are
Bm EYour love covers me
D A DForever more you'll be
E AHere in my heart
(repeat verse:) Whenever I miss you so much It's more than I can bear I won't cry, I'll just close my eyes And know you'll be there Your kiss and your touch I'll never forget 'Cause you're as close As my very next breath (repeat chorus:) And though we are a world apart I know you'll never be that far (repeat chorus:) My heart
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