Poco – Crazy Eyes tab

Crazy Eyes

D Dmaj7  D7               G    C  D
I got a feeling about you love, 
                   Gm  Am  D 
who's been fooling who
Crazy eyes a been a foolin' you
D   Dmaj7  D7               G    C  D
You sing  songs about brass buttons and 
 	     Gm   Am  D
shiny silver shoes
G			      D
Crazy eyes what did you do to lose

D  C  D  C  D

Dmaj7                   G
Down among the South Carolina pines
                       D   C       Am   D 
You spent most of your lifetime in deep thought
Dmaj7                           G
Then changes come about and you find the time you spent
       D     C      Am       D
Wasn't quite reason for being bought

So now to be or not to be 
is the question now
Crazy eyes, don't you forget how
'Cause I'm used to seeing your face in the crowds, 
You thought you saw me
Crazy eyes blind as you can be

D (a lot of bars)  Bb  F   D# (8X)


D  Bb (10X)

So now to be or not to be...


by: José Duarte
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