Tell Me Why tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Pod - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Pod – Tell Me Why tab ver. 2

alright this is a pretty amazing song, and for me to learn how he played it i had to 
him and pay attention very carefully its pretty simple tho here it is.


these are the four chords for the intro and chorus you can find the rythem of it 
by listening to it


D|-1---1-----0----3-|A|-1---1-----1----1-|F|-2---2-----2----0-|C|-3---0-----2----2-|G|-0---0-----0----3-|D|-1---1-----0----0-| i play that 1 on low e but you dont have to if you dont want to.
Verse if you listen you can here when he adds these two bottom notes.
D|--5/8----0/3----------|A|--6------1------------|F|--5------2------------|C|--7------2------------|G|--5------0------------|D|--5------0------------| this five at the bottom im not sure if you cover or not but it sound ok
this does not mean slide / on this tab, it means add this note once in a while, listen the song for when Bridge: How do you know(how do you know).......
thats basically the song if you dont understand how to play it look on my youtube profile theguitar426 hope you enjoy playing the song bye
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