Poets Of The Fall – Temple Of Thought chords

GChills come racing down my spine
Like a storm on my skin
AmWith shaking hands
GI’ll guide your sweet soul into mine
Until I feel you within
FAnd I know
Am GI know that it’s all about understanding
F GAnd I hid it inside
Am G FYour beautiful soul as it’s crying for love
G Am GTo conquer the day slowly dawnin’
F GI want you to know
Am G FYou’re the heart of my temple of thought
Am G F G Am So when you’re restless I will calm the ocean for you
G F G AmIn your sorrow I will dry your tears
G F G When you need me I will be there, low beside you
Am G F (G)I’ll take away all your fears
Am G F GI’ll take away all of your fears
Am G F So you can let go all your fears
G FDreams have nothing on my reality I
G FI’m the scent of your skin
G FI know where I am endlessly into the sun
G FFeel the life, dream within
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