Poets Of The Fall - Temple Of Thought chords version 3

Poets of the Fall
Temple of Thought

I don't know the  name of the chord played after Em, so I am using it as "X" in the song.
If anyone knows about the name of the chords please do provide it as feedback or as a comment.


Em X Asus2E|--------------|B|--------------|G|--0----2----2-|D|--2----0----2-|A|--2----2----0-|E|--------------|
Chorus: Em,X,Dsus2,CE|--0----0-----0----0-|B|--0----0-----3----1-|G|--0----2-----2----0-|D|--2----0-----0----2-|A|--2----2-----0----3-|E|--0----0-----x----0-|
(Intro) Chills Chills come racing down my spine Like a storm on my skin With shaking hands Iíll guide your sweet soul into mine Until I feel you within And I know Chorous:
Em XI know that itís all about understanding
Dsus2 CAnd I hid it inside
Em X Dsus2Your beautiful soul as itís crying for love
C Em A7To conquer the day slowly dawniní
Dsus2 CI want you to know
Em X CYouíre the heart of my temple of thought
Em X Dsus2 C Em So when youíre restless I will calm the ocean for you
X Dsus2 C EmIn your sorrow I will dry your tears
X Dsus2 CWhen you need me I will be there, low beside you
Em X Dsus2 (C)Iíll take away all your fears
Em X Dsus2 CIíll take away all of your fears
Em X CSo you can let go all your fears
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