Poets Of The Fall – War Acoustic tab

Well,I've done all my best to create this tab. Of course,some parts aren't
100%,nevertheless I tried to do it closer to original version. Hope,You will appreciate 
my work. I
figured out chords from this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svfQEVUcj9M

Poets of the Fall - WarIntro Riff #1 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3e|-----0-----0---------|-----0---|-------------|------------|B|----12---12-12-----8-|---8--8--|-------10/12-|-------10~--|G|---12--11--------11--|--7------|-------------|------------|D|---------------0-----|---------|--9-10-------|---9-10-----|A|---------------------|---------|-0-----------|-0----------|E|-0-------------------|-8-------|-------------|------------|
Riff #2 Bass Bass*e|---------0---------------0------------0-----------0------------|B|----10----10---10---------0--0----7----7--7----5—-5------------|G|---7--7------7-------5-----5-----7--7---7---------0----4------4|D|--------------------5--5--------0-------------5---5----4------5|A|-9-----------------0------------------------3-----3----2------3|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1 Riff #1 + Part 1 Do you remember standing on a broken field Riff #1 + Part 2 White crippled wings beating the sky Riff #1 + Part 1 The harbingers of war with their nature revealed Riff #1 + Part 3 And our chances flowing by Pre-Chorus Riff #2 If I can let the memory heal Bass I will remember you with me on that field
Chords for Chorus 1 Em Em2 Asus2 G Em3 Hm Asus4Am Am(*) Asus2(*) Asus2(**) Cadd9e|--0----0----0----3---0---2---0----0--0-----0--------0--------0--|B|--0----0----0----3---0---3---3----1--1-----0--------0--------3--|G|--11---12---2----0---9---4---2----2--2-----2--------2--------0--|D|--9----9----2----0---9---4---2----2--2-----2--------2--------2--|A|--7----7----0----2---7---2---0----0--0-----0--------0--------3--|E|--0----0----x----3---0---x---x----x--3-----3--------2--------x--|
Chorus 1 Em Em2 Asus2 G When I thought that I fought this war alone Em3 Em Asus2 Hm You were there by my side on the frontline Em Em2 Asus2 G When I thought that I fought without a cause Em3 Em Asus4 Am Am(*) Asus2(*) Asus2(**) You gave me a reason to try Verse 2(Play like 1st) Turn the page I need to see something new For now my innocence is torn We cannot linger on this stunted view Like rabid dogs of war Pre-Chorus(The same way, only change bass) I will let me memory heal Bass* I'll remember you with me on that field Chorus 2 Em Em2 Asus2 G When I thought that I fought this war alone Em3 Em Asus2 Hm You were there by my side on the frontline Em Em2 Asus2 G Asus4 Cadd9 And we fought to believe the impossible Em Em2 Asus2 G When I thought that I fought this war alone Em3 Em Asus2 Hm We were one with our destinies entwined Em Em2 Asus2 G When I thought that we fought without a cause Em3 Em Asus4 Am Am(*) Asus2(*) Asus2(**) You gave me the reason why
Chords for the 1st part of Bridge) F Fm Dsus2 Dsus4 Dm/CDsus2/H A#maj7 A#maj7*e|--0--0---0----3------1----0-------1------0-------|B|--0--0---3----3------3----3-------3------3-------|G|--2--0---2----2------2----2-------2------2-------|D|--3--3---0----0------0----0-------3------3-------|A|--3--3---x----x------3----2-------1------1-------|E|--1--1---x----x------x----x-------x------x-------|
Play melody: F |F Fm F|Dsus4 Dm/C Dsus2/H F Bridge(The 1st part) Dsus2 Dsus2 Dsus2 Dm/C Dsus2/H With no one wearing their real face A#maj7 Dsus2 It's a witheout of emotion Dsus2 Dm/C A#maj7* Asus4 And I've only got my brittle bones to break the fall Dsus2 Dm/C Dsus2/H When the love in leters fade A#maj7 Dsus2 It's like moving in slow motion Dsus2 Dm/C A#maj7* Asus4 And we're already too late if we arrive at all Chords for the 2nd part of Bridge
Dsus2 Dm Dsus2* A#maj7 Asus4e|--5-----6----5------6-------5-----------------|B|--8-----8----8------8-------8-----------------|G|--7-----7----7------7-------7-----------------|D|--5-----8----5------8-------7-----------------|A|--5-----x----6------6-------5-----------------|E|--x-----x----x------6-------x-----------------|
Bridge(The 2nd part) Dsus2 Dm Dsus2* And then we're caught up in the arms race A#maj7 Dsus2 And involuntary addiction Dm A#maj7 Asus4 And we're shedding every value our mothers taught Dsus2 Dm Dsus2* So will you please show me your real face A#maj7 Dsus2 Draw the line in the horizon Dm A#maj7 Asus4 Cos I only need you name to call the reasons why
e|--5-0-5---------0-3-0-----2-3-2---2-|B|--6-8-6---------3-3-3-----1-1-1---1-| DG|--7-7-7---------2-2-5-----2-2-2---2-| OD|--7-0-7---------0-0-0-----2-2-2---2-| WA|--x-x-x---------x-x-x-----0-0-0---0-| N(Any you like)E|--x-x-x---------3-3-3-----x-x-x---x-|I fo-o-o-o-ought
Repeat Chorus 2 Outro: F |F Fm F|Dsus4 Dm/C Dsus2/H F End Dsus2(xx0230)
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