Popsicle – Not Forever tab

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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:21:43 -0500
From: Iker Arana 
Subject: Not Forever by Popsicle

Tabbed by: Iker Arana 

Not Forever - Popsicle

Still can't believe some of
The things I never told
E            B
I hardly touch the phone
I don't know who to call

You're my relief and you're
The one who makes me cry
E            B
I'm trying to figure out
Some way
To get on by

                 G#m              E
Cause I can change I'm not the same
Not forever
         C#m            E
What can I say I'm not OK
I wish I was
          G#m               E
I want you back I want a time
I can remember
It's as simple as I say
I can change I'm not the same
Not forever

So I got out at nights
Take walks down easy street
So talkative
No matter who I see

I wake up shaking
Not alone but on my own
I need some other guide
To help
Me get back home


G#m      B          C#m
You want this part of me
The songlines in your mind
G#m      B          C#m
That's who I'm trying to be
And that's what you will find
G#m            B            C#m
If you just let me in take me back
Closer than we ever were
I promise it's for real


(Last Chorus - played the same)
I have changed I'm not the same
Not forever
What can I say I'd be OK
And so would you
If you came back if you were here
You would remember
It's as simple as I say
I can change I'm not the same

Chords used:
B- 79987x
G#m- 466444E- 022100
C#m- x46654F#7- 242322
That?s it, I guess it?s all correct. If anyone can help me with that riff in the chorus, don?t doubt mailing me!! Any corrections are welcome (I hope there are not too many...)
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