Porter Wagoner – Carroll County Accident chords

Carroll County Accident  -  Porter Wagoner

Intro:  C          G7          C

C G7Carroll County's pointed out as kinda of square
CThe biggest thing that happens, is the county fair,
G7I guess that's why it seemed like such a big event,
CWhat we all call the Carroll County accident.
C G7The wreck was on the highway just inside the line,
CWalter Browning lost his life, and for a time
G7It seemed that Mary Ellen Jones would surely die,
CBut she lived long enough for her to testify.
C G7Walter Browning was a happy married man,
CAnd he wore a golden wedding ring upon his hand,
G7But it was gone, nobody knew just where it went,
C F A DHe lost it, in the Carroll County Accident.
D AMary Ellen testified that he flagged her down,
DSaid he was sick, and could she drive him into town,
ANo one ever doubted what she said was true,
D'Cause she was well respected in the county too.
D AI went down to see the wreck like all the rest,
DThe bloody seats, the broken glass, the tangled mess,
ABut I found something no one else had even seen,
D G B7 EBehind the dash in Mary's crumpled up machine.
E B7A little match box circled by a rubber band,
EAnd inside the ring from Walter Browning's hand,
B7It took awhile to figure out just what it meant,
EThe truth about the Carroll County accident.
E B7By dark of night I dropped the ring into a well,
EAnd took a sacred oath that I would never tell,
B7The truth about the Carroll County accident,
ECause the County ordered Dad a marble monument,
B7 E A EI lost him in the Carroll County accident.
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