Do You chords with lyrics by Portugal The Man - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Portugal The Man – Do You chords

These are just the chords for "Do You" off of the album "The Satanic Satanist" [2009] by 
The Man.   Leave a comment for advice, corrections, praise, anger, etc.
Notes: play the verse with 5th string barre chords
The pre chorus should be played with an F# power chord

Verse one:
E C#mdo you, do you understand the people that we are?
Eand do you believe right from the start?
C#mdo you see that everybody needs?
F#do you feel when you're burning in that hell?
yeah, we'll make it here C#m Chorus:
E C#m G# (Timing switches into 3 here) did you find your fear? X4
Verse two:
E C#mdo you, do you fear the marching of the lamb?
Edo you believe there's loyalty in man?
C#mdo you see when others turn away?
F#do you hear it swimming in that head?
yeah, we'll make it here Chorus:
E C#m G# did you find your fear? X4
Bridge: A
C#m G# he came down the from moon
Eand rained down on all of us
F#rained down all of us
C#mand everyone was saved
G#he fell into the sea
Ejust to swim around
F# C#mjust to feel the clouds on the way down
G#and everyone was saved
Aeveryone was saved
E C#m G#everyone was saved [Chorus: did you find your fear ] x 4
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