Portugal The Man – Do You tab

I just took the chords tab already submitted (so credit goes to that tabber for the
listed) and added in some of the little fills so you can play along with them too if you'd
Some of them are listed in two different places on the fret board--they are the same 
it's just a matter of where you'd rather play them.
Please rate and feel free to leave and questions, comments or concerns in the comments
I'm sure they would be of benefit to everyone.

E(fill)E-------------- ----------------|B-------------- ----------------|G--1----------- ----------------|D-----4--2--4-- OR --6--4-----4----|A-------------- --------7-------|E-------------- ----------------|
F#(fill)E-------------- ----------------|B-------------- ----------------|G-----1-------- ----------------|D--4-----4--2-- OR --4--6--4-------|A-------------- -----------7----|E-------------- ----------------|
VERSE: E E(fill) C#m do you, do you understand the people that we are? C#m(fill) E and do you believe right from the start? E(fill) C#m do you see that everybody needs? C#m(fill)2 F# do you feel when you're burning in that hell? yeah, we'll make it here
SOLO PART:E-----------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------|G-/6--4--6-6-4-----4--6--4-----4--6--4----|D---------------6-----------6-----------6-|A-----------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------|
CHORUS: E C#m G# (Timing switches into 3 here) did you find your fear? X4 VERSE: E E(fill) C#m do you, do you fear the marching of the lamb? C#m(fill) E do you believe there's loyalty in man? E(fill0 C#m do you see when others turn away? C#m(fill)2 F# do you hear it swimming in that head? yeah, we'll make it here E C#m G# did you find your fear? X4 BRIDGE: A C#m G# he came down the from moon E and rained down on all of us F# rained down all of us F#(fill) C#m and everyone was saved G# he fell into the sea E just to swim around F# F#(fill) C#m just to feel the clouds on the way down G# and everyone was saved A everyone was saved E everyone was saved (E) C#m G# did you find your fear? x 4 A C D E
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