Poster Children – Water tab

I figured this out while I was trying to write an
original song. I didn't work out the solo, but I think
pretty much everything else is right.

play these chords 5 times alone E|---- ---- B|-7-- -8-- G|-7-- -7--
D|---- ---- A|-5-- -5-- E|---- ----
The other guitar and bass join in for 8 more times. The 2nd guitar is distorted and loud. It pretty much drowns out the 1st guitar.
guitar 2 plays:E|------------------------------------------------------B|------------------------------------------------------G|-7---7----10-11-12------------------------------------D|-7---7----10-11-12------------------------------------A|-5---5----8--9--10------------------------------------E|-5---5----8--9--10------------------------------------
and the bass is playing:G|------------------------------------------------------D|-0---0----3--4--5-------------------------------------A|------------------------------------------------------E|------------------------------------------------------ The 3--4--5 might be a slide or a hammer on. It might be played on the E string in drop D tuning.
Here is the little riff from the ending of the firstE|-----------------B|-----------------G|-7--9--11--7-----D|--------------7--A|-----------------E|----------------- The other guitar is simular and not hard to figure out if you listen to the CD. I think it is played with octave chords.
Then there is a pause, the 1st guitar comes in distorted, and there is a cool solo. Here are the lyrics and basic stucture: intro chorus without singing 1, 2, 3, 4 verse Wait I'm What never mind One chorus x 2 One into two Two into Four Four into I'm verse Asleep 23 Stop Wait Wait never mind One chorus x 2 One into two Two into Four Four into bridge 1, 2, 3, 4 verse bridge cool ending pause cool soloing and stuff
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