Powderfinger - Think It Over chords

Powderfinger - Think it Over

Tabbed by: Stroem

F Bb FNothing can be said, to pacify the war raging in your head
Bb F CNothing to recommend, you ever gonna see from the other end
Bb CYou can change it all around,
Bb Ffind the secrets of profound
Bb FNobody will be safe, if u intend to take it with u to your grave
Bb F CNobody will return, from underneath the bridges u already burnt
Bb CYou can change it all around
Bb Cfind the secrets of profound
BbYou can change it all aroooouuund
Dm C F BbThis is only the beginning for you
Dm Bb F CSo take som time to think it over running through
Dm C F BbThis could only end in trouble for you
Dm Bb FTake some time to think it over
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