Power Quest – The Message chords

Em I saw you turn and walk away
Em C I never thought that day would be the last day
D Em We would ever meet.
Looking back on all we had
Em C D We had each other and that was enough for us
Em Didn't need any more.
C G D C Now it's time to leave again
G D C Time to travel many miles
G D E I will think of you tonight.
Bm G D And I wake up all alone
A Bm A message on my phone
G D A Saying you've left me - for another guy
Power Quest - The Message -------------------------
Bm G D And you say I'm never home
A Bm I'm always on the road
G D A But I still love you more that you'll ever know.
Em I guess we never really knew
C D How things would change for me and for you
Em Couldn't see it at all
Said you wanted me to stay
C I heard your words but there was no way
D Em I could give up my dream.
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