Powerman 5000 – Thats Entertainment tab

That's Entertainment!

All right, this song is really easy, and I really only 
tabbed it to get some more experience and some UG points.
Anyway it took me only like 5 minutes to do it and i think
it's 100% accurate.  All right cool, have fun with it.

Tuning: Drop D (EBGDAD)

There is no guitar as far as I can tell in the verses
or first part of the intro, and there are only two 
different notes in the chorus/second part of intro,
which makes it a really easy song to play/tab.
In fact, if it wasn't such a good song, I wouldn't waste
my time tabbing or playing it.  But it is a good song, and
I wasn't wasting my time when I decided to tab this song.

Chorus/Second Part of Intro(the 21 is not twenty-one, it's a two and one put close together)|---------------------||---------------------||---------------------| repeat however many times necessary,|-2---2---2---2-2-21~-| I think it's 4x for the intro and|-2---2---2---2-2-21~-| choruses 1 and 2 and 8x for chorus 3.|-2---2---2---2-2-21~-|PM. . .
BridgeThere's a little thing thrown in with some kind of effecton it, I don't know which one but my best guess at the note ise|-19-|B|--x-|G|-16-| -it's thrown in before the music really starts up again,
then it gets to the solo, which really isn't hard.Lead Guitar|------------------10------------------------------------10~---------||--9~----------10~-----10-9~-----------9-9---9---9-9---9-------10~---||8------8~---8---------------8~w10w8~-8-8---8---8-8---8-8------------||--------------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Rhythm Guitar (again it's two one, not twenty one)|------------------||------------------||------------------| 4x|-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-21-||-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-21-||-2---2---2---2--1-|PM. . . .
OuttroGuitar 1 plays chorus again 4xGuitar 2 plays this 4x (two-one not twenty one)|--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||2---2-2-5~--2---2-2-7~--2---2-2-5~--2-2-21~-||2---2-2-5~--2---2-2-7~--2---2-2-5~--2-2-21~-||2---2-2-5~--2---2-2-7~--2---2-2-5~--2-2-21~-|
symbols ~ hold note until whenever PM palm mute the notes marked by . underneath them w use wammy bar to raise/drop pitch of this note to get to next note, eg. 8~w10w8 means hold 8, raise with wammy bar until the note sounds like ten, then drop back to 8
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