Prawnsilken - No Se tab

hi im me again, these is our new demo it is very rare and is made by juan the
guitarrist of the group with all of the advices of all the group

intro- first guitar only

e--7-----b------9-g----8--- repeat 9 timesd--------a--------e--------
intro second guitar-
this is played very slow during the 4 times rest of the first guitar intro
chorus above guitars (heavy distorsion) x4e-----------------b-----------------g-----------------d-2222333344445555a-2222333344445555e-0000111122223333
verse guitar 1 x8e--0-----0-b--7--0--9-g-----0----d----------a----------e----------
verse guitar 2 this is palyed whit a lot of rasguide
solo x4e-------------------b------16-------16--g----15--15---16--16d--13-------14------a-------------------e-------------------
ok thats all wel y leave you enjoy it i will submit the chord when y get it
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