Presidents Of The Usa - Kick Out The Jams tab

Kick Out The Jams
T H E   P R E S I D E N T S   O F   T H E   U S A
Tabbed By Aaron Bridgeman (

TUNING: Drop D down a 1/2 step (Db Ab Db Gb Bb eb)

^ = bend up and back
x = dead note
~ = sustain

RIFF 1:eb|-----------------|Bb|-----------------|Gb|-----------------|Db|-----------------|Ab|-----------------|Db|-0-0-3-5--5-5^-3-|
RIFF 2:eb|----------------|Bb|----------------|Gb|----------------|Db|-0-0-3-5--5-5-3-|Ab|-0-0-3-5--5-5-3-|Db|-0-0-3-5--5-5-3-|
then... "LET ME BE WHO I AM"...eb|--------------|Bb|--------------|Gb|--------------|Db|-x--x--x--3~~-|Ab|-x--x--x--3~~-|Db|-x--x--x--3~~-|
CHORUS:eb|----------|Bb|----------|Gb|----------|Db|-3-----5--|Ab|-3-----5--|Db|-3-----5--|strum the first chord a while, then the second
..and done.
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