Presidents Of The Usa – Video Killed The Radio Star tab

Verse 1:

D (open)                 E(2)   G(5)            A7       
I heard you on     the wireless back   in fifty two
D (open)		 E(2)   G(5)            A7
Lying      a-wake  in bed then  tuning in on    you
F#(4)           G(5)            A(7)
If I was     young it didn't   stop you coming  through
F#(4)     G(5)      A(7)
Oh   -  ah   -    oh.

Verse 2:

D             G              A       Asus4
They took the credit for your second symphony
Rewritten     by machine and  new technology
And now I understand the problems you can see

(Oh-a-oh) I met your children
(Oh-a-oh) What did you tell them ?


       D(open)         G(5) 
  Video killed the radio star
  Video killed the radio star

D      D/C# Bass     B
In my mind and in my car
D      D/C# Bass     B
We can't rewind we've gone too far
D      D/C# Bass     B
Pictures came and broke your heart
D      D/C#Bass      G(5)
Put all the blame on VCR
A(7)           B(9)

Verse 3

(Oh-a-oh) You were the first one
(Oh-a-oh) You were the last one


Solo:  (this is a really rough version of the solo, please improvise)

E --------------------------------------------------------------------B ------13---12-----------------------------13---12------------10-----G ----9----------12--11-------------------9----------12--11-12--------D --9--------------------12---8---------9-------------------------12--A --------------------------------------------------------------------E --------------------------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------B ------12---11-----------------G ----9----------12--11--9------D --9-----------------------12--A ------------------------------E -----------------------
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