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The Presidents of the United States of America - 
"Video Killed The Radio Star"   - transcribed by Hemingway Huynh
(Transcribed with help from Andrew Zito, PUSA at the Salem Armory live))

Well, this is a pretty simple song to play.  The PSUA do a pretty good
rendition of this song by the Buggles (Those two lead guys formed Yes in
1980). You could probably play the whole song with
just the major chords of D, G, E and A. I wrote this tab after i saw them 
live at the Salem Armory in lovely Salem, Oregon with lots of help from
Andrew Zito (

'Drop -D tuning'
E (lower) = D
A = A
D = D
G = G
B = B
E (higher)= E

Here it is:

Verse 1:

D (open)                 E(2)   G(5)            A7       
I heard you on     the wireless back   in fifty two
D (open)		 E(2)   G(5)            A7
Lying      a-wake  in bed then  tuning in on    you
F#(4)           G(5)            A(7)
If I was     young it didn't   stop you coming  through
F#(4)     G(5)      A(7)
Oh   -  ah   -    oh.

Verse 2:

D             G              A       Asus4
They took the credit for your second symphony
Rewritten     by machine and  new technology
And now I understand the problems you can see

(Oh-a-oh) I met your children
(Oh-a-oh) What did you tell them ?


       D(open)         G(5) 
  Video killed the radio star
  Video killed the radio star

D      D/C# Bass     B
In my mind and in my car
D      D/C# Bass     B
We can't rewind we've gone too far
D      D/C# Bass     B
Pictures came and broke your heart
D      D/C#Bass      G(5)
Put all the blame on VCR
A(7)           B(9)

Verse 3

(Oh-a-oh) You were the first one
(Oh-a-oh) You were the last one


Solo:  (this is a really rough version of the solo, please improvise)

E --------------------------------------------------------------------B ------13---12-----------------------------13---12------------10-----G ----9----------12--11-------------------9----------12--11-12--------D --9--------------------12---8---------9-------------------------12--A --------------------------------------------------------------------E --------------------------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------B ------12---11-----------------G ----9----------12--11--9------D --9-----------------------12--A ------------------------------E -----------------------
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