Presley Elvis - Suspicious Minds tab

Standard tuning
Transcribed by kaz3-6-0

G                        C
  We're caught in a ...
D               C               G
  because I love you ...
G                    C
  Why can't you see,   ...
D                      C          D     C  
  when you don't ...

(1st Chorus:)
  C                G        Bm                  C    D
     We can't go on together, with ...
  Em                  Bm          C              D   
     and we can't build our dreams, ....

G                              C
  So, if an old friend I know, ...
D                 C           G
  would I still see ....
G                  C
  Here we go again, asking ...
D                       C               D      C  
  You can see these tears ...

(2nd Chorus:)
  C                G        Bm                  C
     We can't go on together, ....;
  Em                  Bm           C              
     and we can't build our dreams, ...

       Em             Bm            C
          Oh, let our ..
          I'll dry the ...
       Em                   Bm             C
          Let's don't let a good ...
             D                G               C    G 
          you know I've never,  lied to ....

(repeat first verse and fade)
Chord diagrams:
Bm - |224432| or |xx4432|  D7 - |xxo212|  B7 - |x212o2|
Em - |o22ooo|          B7sus4 - |x2425x|


    Have fun and long live the King...
     T  ///   B

Fingering position:

Position I|---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---|--3||---|---|---|---|--2||---|---|--1|---|---|
Tab -----------------| -----------------| -----------------| ---------------5-| -------------5---| -----------3-----|
intermediate position|---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---|--3||---|---|---|---|--2||---|---|---|---|---|
Quickly change your fingers in silence
Position II|---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|--1|--4||---|---|---|---|--3||---|---|---|---|--2||---|---|---|---|---|
Tab --------------| --------------| ------5-4-5-4-| ----5---------| --5-----------| --------------|
Repeat pressing and lifting your little finger (4)
Position III|---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---|--4||---|---|---|---|--3||---|---|---|---|--2||---|---|--1|---|---||---|---|---|---|---|
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