Preson Phillips - The People Of His Choice chords



Am Fmaj7 C G x2--------------------------------------
Am Fmaj7 Father, Father come to me now
C Gfor I am needy of your mercy
Am Fmaj7 Holy mercies firm and sure
Cfrom eternity the same
Gto eternity endure, endure
Am Fmaj7 C G--------------------------------------
Am Fmaj7 Let the ransom now rejoice
Cthe ones called out among the nations
Gnow the people of his choice
Am Fmaj7 Sing of his name
Call expanse of land and sea
Gall that swim and all that breathe
Am Fmaj7 His glory's painted
Con the branches of the trees
G Am Fmaj7 C Gin the changing of the leaves
Am Fmaj7 Let the elders speak his name
Clet us hear the ancient tales
Glet us mourn for how we've failed
Am Fmaj7 Let the children now rejoice
Cwhen it falls upon their ears
Gthe proclamations of God's voice
Am Fmaj7 As long as life beats in these shells
Ckeep your words upon our lips
Gand living water in our wells, yeah
Am Fmaj7 Our hands are raised
Ccalling out to be redeemed
Gfrom certain death's eternity
Am Fmaj7 Give us new names
Ckeep us ever close to thee
G Am Fmaj7once enslaved and now made free, yeah
Cla da da da da da da
G Amla da da - - - -
Fmaj7la da da da da da da
Cla da da da da da da
Gla da da - - - -
-------------------------------------- Am Fmaj7 C G x6 / END ON Am
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