Primus – The Heckler tab

 Guitar tab for Primus' The Heckler 

PRIMUS - The Heckler

Tabbed by Eric ( href="">

The Heckler intro and maine:-----------------------------|B:-----------------------------|G:-----------------------------|D:-----------------------------|A:---------/12--10--12---------|E:7--3--7---------------7--3--7|
The Heckler main parte:---------------------------------|B:---------------------------------|G:---------------------------------|D:---7------7------7------7--------|A:---6------6------6------6--------|E:5------5------5------5-----------|

PRIMUS - The Heckler

Tabbed by Ross Portscheller ( href="">

Hello! I understand that you are looking for Primus and Sausage tab. I have tons! As a bassist, I am fairly good at playing Primus and Sausage material. You seem to be as big of a Primus fan as I am. My name is Ross Portscheller, I'm a Senior in High School, and I live in Albuquerque, NM. I play a Yamaha RBX 250 fretless bass with EMG pickups, for a really bright sound with lots of tone. I also play a Peavey Accelerator, but it kinda sucks. I play in 2 bands, and soon in a third. Well, I'll stop yakking and...

------------------------------------------------2---3---------2---3- ----4---7-5-7-5--4----

Ram Samudrala ||
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