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Date: Sat, 04 Nov 95 13:52:43 -0800
From: Jay Bhadra 
Subject: Endorphinmachine by Prince

Song: Endorphinmachine
Album: The Gold Experience
Artist: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince / O(+>
Transcribed by The Musician Currently Known as Jay Bhadra

Figure 1.Repeat 2xE------------------I---------------I------------------I--------------|B------------------I---------------I------------------I--------------|G--8--9--11--9-----I--8--9--11--9--I--8--9--11--9-----I--------------|D---------------9--I---------------I---------------9--I--9-----------|A------------------I---------------I------------------I--7---9-------|E------------------I---------------I------------------I------7-------|
Throughout the song Prince plays a very basic rhythm. This sounds correct on the album and even more so on live shows. Figure 2.
5 OR 6X-------------------------|> The Do ThisE--------------I-------------------|IG--------------I-------------------|ID--------------I--------------2----|IA----2--2(H)4--I----2--2(h)4-------|IE--------------I-------------------|I
After Figure 1 is completed, go to figure 2 and that's basically how the song is played. I did forget to put the amazing solo but I'm working on it at this right moment. Any comments? Mail Me at Who has the Computer Blue tab and/or When You Were Mine? I have the Act 1 version of When You Were Mine with the heavier feel to it. It's pretty cool. The next installment of Jay Bhadra Tablature will be one of the following 319, When You Were Mine (Act 1 Version), Sherm Stick Edit (Letitgo), Billy Jack Bitch Solo or The Cross. So stay tuned until the next time. Anyone working on SHY yet?
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