Prince – Last December tab

Song: Last December   from 'the rainbow children' album
Artist: Prince
tabbed by FRN

E/F# A B 0------0-----x----------------------| 0------2-----4--------7s9r-7--------| 1------2-----4----------------9-(7--| (x2) 2------2-----4----------------------| 2------0-----2----------------------| 2------0-----x----------------------| If yo last december came what would u do ?...
the part before in the name of the father, in the name of the son. goes like this
---0----0---2--------------------------------------| ---1----1---3--------------------------------------| ---0----2---2--------------------------------------| ---2----3------------------------------------------| ---3----0------------------------------------------| ---0----0------------------------------------------| Ahhhhhhhhh (x3) .. In the name of the father.. ( he has a name ;) ) study the 2 find out! Not the king james version, if u take king away u jus got james version.
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