When I Lay My Hands On You tab with lyrics by Prince - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Prince – When I Lay My Hands On You tab

      Am          E+         Am7      D9          

Verse: The (Am) message U're... (E+) hear is not.. (Am7) transmission (D9) 'Should (Am) only be.. in the... (E+) privacy of.. (Am7) mind (D9) The (Am) words R intense... (E+) dear if U.. (Am7) listen (D9) take (Am) off Ur... (E+) meet me.. (Am7) lines (D9) Chorus: R U ready... (Am) touch that.. (E+) go insane.. (Am7) breast 2 lip.. (D9) cheek.. mane I (Am7) pull Ur hair.. (E+) feel.. (D9) no pain R U ready... (Am) only 4ever.. (E+) both obtain.. (Am7) only joy... 4 (D9) saken game (Am) feel ashamed... (E+) ordained.. (Am7) when I lay my (D9) hands on (Am7) U (E+) (Am7) (D9)
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