Princessa – Believe In You tab

F – Bb – Dm - C
And so you've found the perfect man
He's gonna give you all he can
And I can see that you were not prepared

F – Bb – Dm - C
So don't go rushing into this
Please take the time to reminisce
Re-estimate the memories you've shared

Bb – C – Dm- C
You just believe in you
And after time you'll see
You underestimate
Your capability
You cold so much more
You cold be braking loose
Just take the time to think
about the path you choose

F – Bb – Dm - C
And how could you not realize
That he would be as cold as ice
Turn his back and leave you there on your own
It's obvious you're in his bed
As far as I can tell
It must be like you're coming back for more
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