Procol Harum – Wish Me Well tab

Wish me well            (Brooker / Reid)

Intro   Gm   D7      Gm   D7
     Em              B7
Our local picture house 
     D7               G
was showing a Batman movie 
     G               am
You see this guy fly up in the sky, 
    D7                G
I thought to myself, 'Why shouldn't I?' 
      Em              B7   
So I bought a pair of wings, 
D7               G
went up upon a wall 
  G                   am
I was about to jump into the air 
      D7                    G
when a guy from the street called 
He said, 'Hey wait a minute! 
C                      D
Don't you realize the danger? 
G                      C                 D
What do you think you are, some kind of angel?' 

I considered for a minute, 
realized he spoke the truth. 
For the barbells on my eyelids 
only emphasised my youth 
and the sawdust in my plimsolls 
means the same to him as me 
But that's neither here nor further, 
so I spoke considerately 
'Now if you understand 
just what I'm trying to say, 
whatever you do, don't grin, 
you'll give the game away!' 

By now a crowd had gathered 
and it seemed that all was lost 
In the anger of the moment 
I had diced with death and lost 
It seemed to me the time was right 
so I burst into song 
In the anger of the moment 
the crowd began to sing along 
I could not see a way out 
of this predicament 
Just then a breeze came through the trees 
and up in the air I went 

D   Dadd9 Dm  D

C#  F#   F#m  B

I must have flown a mile, 
or maybe it was eight 
Thought to myself pretty soon 
I'd hit the Golden Gates 
Just then a passing bird 
for no reason I could see 
took a peck at my wings and 
that was the end of me 
I went down, hit the ground 
faster than the speed of sound 
Luckily I broke no bones only 
tore my underclothes 

outro  G   C     D   D
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