Procol Harum – Boredom tab

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              (Gary Brooker - Matthew Fisher - Keith Reid)


	sleigh tambourine [2 bars]

	3-string guitar (capo III, play top 3 strings in standard tuning)
	[3X; recorders and bass enter 2nd time, tabla and marimba 3rd]

F C v v v v v v v v v G --0-|0h2--2---2---23--|-0---0---0----0--| D -3--|-3---3---3---3---|-2---2---2---3---| Bb ----|-2---2---2---2---|-2---2---2-------|
Verse 1: F C Some say they will, and some say they won't F C Some say they do, and some say they don't F C Some say they shall, and some say they shan't F C And some say they can, and some say they can't (all right) Chorus: Bb F Eb Bb /A All in all, it's all the same Gm Dm C [N.C.] But call me if there's any change [repeat intro] Verse 2: Some say there's nothing, and some say there's lots Some say they've started, while some say they've stopped Some say they're going, and some say they've been Yes, some say they're looking, and some say they've seen (ah, yes) [repeat chorus] [repeat intro] (spoken: Rich man's booty. Rich man's booty? Yeah, aha!) Coda: recorder/marimba jam over intro riff to fade -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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