Procol Harum – Shine On Brightly tab

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                          "Shine On Brightly"
                      (Gary Brooker - Keith Reid)


   (distorted guitar):

Bb Eb/Bb Bb Ab Db/Ab Ab [2X] v v v v v v v v ---13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--|---13--13--13--13--13--13--13--13--| 16b18-b18-b18-b18-b18-b18-b18-b18--|16b18-b18-b18-b18-b18-b18-b18-b18--| -----------------------------------|-----------------------------------| -----------------------------------|-----------------------------------| -----------------------------------|-----------------------------------| -----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|
Ab C7 v v v v -----------------------------------| r16--------------------------------| -----------------------------------| -----------------------------------| -----------------------------------| -----------------------------------| (My prussian...)
Verse 1: C7 F A7 Dm My Prussian-blue electric clock's C7 F A7 Dm Alarm bell rings, it will not stop Gm F Bb And I can see no end in sight F Gm And search in vain by candlelight Cm F/A For some long road that goes nowhere D7/F# Gm For some signpost that is not there Chorus 1 [guitar plays each chorus as per intro]: Bb Eb/Bb Bb Ab Db/Ab Ab And e..ven my befuddled brain Bb Eb/Bb Bb Ab Db/Ab Ab Is shining brightly, quite insane Verse 2: The chandelier is in full swing As gifts for me the three kings bring Of myrrh and frankincense, I'm told And fat old Buddhas carved in gold And though it seems they smile with glee I know in truth they envy me Chorus 2: And watch as my befuddled brain Shines on brightly quite insane Instrumental break: (organ solo as per verse chords from "see no end..." onward) [repeat intro] Verse 3: Above all else, confusion reigns And though I ask, no one explains My eunuch friend has been and gone He said that I must soldier on And though the ferris wheel spins 'round My tongue it seems has run the ground Chorus 3: And croaks as my befuddled brain Shines on brightly, quite insane Coda [repeat chorus chord progression to fade]: Shine on Ha! Shine on Ha! Shine on -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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