Psycho Motel – Something Real tab

Meg And Dia
Something Real
2006 Doghouse REcords
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01. Monster
02. Roses
03. Tell Mary
04. Indiana
05. Masterpiece
06. Rebecca
07. Nineteen Stars
08. Cardigan Weather
09. Getaways Turned Holidays
10. Courage, Robert
11. Setting Up Sunday

Bonus Tracks:
12. Yellow Butterfly
13. Strawberry Waltz
14. Timmy
15. Sta. Barbara
16. How Much
17. I'll Find Mine
18. Lessons In New Jersey
19. Just One Of Those Things
20. My Baby Is Better Than Yours
21. What Are You Into
22. Mighty Real Salt Lake
23. Best Friend Girlfriend


1.) Monster

Key: A

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used: for Drop D
F#m - 444xxx
A -   777xxx or x022xx
D -   000xxx or 0577xx
E -   222xxx
C#m - x466xx
Bm -  999xxx or x244xx

Chords used: for Standard EADGBe
F#m - 244222
A -   x02220
D -   xx0232
E -   022100
C# -  x46664
Bm -  x24432

Intro: F#m--D-- x2

Guitar 2: F#m D F#m De|-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-|-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-|-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|B|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|G|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Verse 1: F#m His little whispers D Love Me Love Me F#m That's all I ask for D Love Me Love Me F#m A He battered his tiny D A E F#m fists to feel something F#m A Wondered what it's like D A Bm to touch and feel something Chorus 1: F#m Monster D How should I feel? A Creatures lie here E Looking through the window
Guitar 2: In Chorus F#m D A Ee|---5-----5-----5-|---5-----5-----5-|-----------------|-----------|B|-----7-----7-----|-----7-----7-----|-----2-------2---|---------0-|G|-------6-----6---|-------7-----7---|---2---2---2---2-|---1-------|D|-----------------|-----------------|---------2-------|-----2-----|A|-----------------|-----------------|-0---------------|-------2---|D|-4---------------|-0---------------|-----------------|-2---------|
(Repeat Intro) Vrse 2: F#m That night he caged her D Bruised and broke her F#m He struggled closer D Then he stole her F#m A Violet wrists and then her ankles D A E F#m A Silent Pain then he slowly saw D A Bm their nightmares were his dreams Chorus 2: F#m Monster D How should I feel? A Creatures lie here C# Looking through the windows F#m I will D Hear their voices A I'm a glass child E I am Hannah's regrets Interlude: F#m E F#m A D C#m D E F#m E F#m A D C#m D E(hold) Chorus 3: F#m Monster D How should I feel? A Turn the sheets down C# Murder ears with pillow lace F#m There's bath tubs D Full of glow flies A Bathe in kerosene E Their words tattoed F#m E F#m E F#m(hold) in his veins _________________________________________________________ 2.) Roses Key: E Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: C#m - x46654 A - x02220 B - x24442 E - 022100 EM7 - 021100 F#m - 244222 G#m - 466444 Am - x02210 Intro: C#m--A-- x2
Guitar 2: C#m A C#m Ae|-----------------|-7-7-7-5-5-5-4-4-|-----------------|-2-2-2-4-4-4-4-4-|B|-5-5-5-4-4-4-0-0-|-----------------|-5-5-5-4-4-4-0-0-|-----------------|G|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Verse 1: C#m Turn around there's those eyes again A Turn around fake indifference and I C#m Watch their cold dark silhouettes A disappear C#m A hundred bodies fill this room A And all their faces overdone C#m Pain is foreign foreign to us Refrain: C#m EM7 A I don't even know you C#m EM7 A You won't even know I'm gone F#m Was it something A Am(hold) I did wrong?
Guitar 2: In Refrain C#m EM7 Ae|-----7---|-----7---|---------------11----|B|---9---9-|---8---8-|---9---9----------12-|G|-9-------|-9-------|-9---9---8h9---------|D|---------|---------|-------------9-------| x2A|---------|---------|---------------------|E|---------|---------|---------------------|
Chorus: E G#m A Am Roses roses cold E G#m A Am Roses roses sold out Verse 2: C#m Turn around reds and whites again A I'd sell my kicks for one more low tar C#m Fevers hand in hand A with shoelace bracelets C#m Why are some girls so naive? A He didn't unbutton your blouse to see C#m A better view of your heart Oh yeah can't blame A you for trying (Repeat Refrain and Chorus twice) Bridge: C#m Sing it soft A Make it slow B Apples parachute the boys back down C#m Fill it up A Overflow B A new improved modern way to feel (Repeat Refrain thrice) __________________________________________________________ 3.) Tell Mary key: Bb Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Gm - 355333 F - 133211 Eb - x68886 or EbM7 - x68786 Bb - x13331 F/A - x032xx Intro: Gm-F-Eb (x2)
Guitar 2:e|-6--5--------------6--5------|B|---------6-----------------8-|G|-------7-----5-----------7---|D|---------------8-------------|A|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
Verse 1: Gm F Eb Oh play along, she wills it Gm F Eb Oh Sunday came, Promised you'd tell her Gm F Eb She sat up in bed, Answered your call dear Gm F Eb Smeared purple and red Chorus 1: Bb Gm You're gonna leave her tonight F She sat up with her eyes wide Eb You fell in love with a girl you knew and you've come to say goodbye Bb Gm You're gonna leave her tonight F Eb Under a cheap July sky, Tell her, tell Mary Verse 2: Gm F Eb Af-ter the first touch, Her skirt boring Gm F Eb Her voice deep and charming at first Gm F You could make her come back once Eb in a while, If you painted a fresco Gm F There she'd be with her powder half Eb falling off, So perfect from far (Repeat Chorus 1) Eb Tell her to Mary Bridge: Bb F/A Meet me at the pictures Mary Gm Eb Adam said that he was leaving (Repeat) Eb F Bb F/A Meet me, Meet me Eb F Bb(hold) you're gonna leave her tonight Chorus 2: silent to distortion Bb Gm You're gonna leave her tonight F She sat up with her eyes wide Eb You fell in love with a girl you knew, with the girl you knew (Repeat Chorus 1) Eb Tell her to Mary (x2) ____________________________________________________ 4.) Indiana Key: G Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Em - 022000 C - x32010 G - 320033 D - xx0232 B - x24442 D/F# - 2x023x Bm - x24432 Refrain: Em C I can do whatever I want like you G D/F# I can do whatever I want like you Em C I can do whatever I want like you G D Like You Chorus: Em C G She began to die D/F# C Indiana that's not right B Em Indiana that's not right Em C G She began to fight D/F# C Indiana make it mine B Em Indiana make it mine Verse 1: G D/F# Em So pale and white G D/F# Em Determining what's on going G Bm C On blue dress shower G Bm Em(hold) Caress on her name that's yours (Repeat Refrain And Chorus) Verse 2: G D/F# Em We'll got tick the ice G D/F# Em On damsel or summer sky G Bm C She paints on her naps G Bm C Better withdraw hold tight your tounge (Repeat Refrain) Bridge: G D/F# Is this just a break or tight Em Is this just a break or tight C oh no (Repeat) ________________________________________________________ 5.) Masterpiece Key: E Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: E - 022100 B - x24442 C#m - x46654 A - x02220 G#m - 466444 Intro: E--B--C#m--B-- Verse 1: E B Too bad you knew me I wasn't ready C#m A I wasn't ready Did I say come E B and get me? Too bad I held on when C#m you tried to tell me This was wrong B This is wrong Refrain 1: C#m B I am no masterpiece A where innocence is B C#m painted green Isn't B it strange to think how A B you created all of me?
Guitar 2: in Refrain, use harmonics pedal to get the artificial harmonics sound!!! C#m B Ae|-------7-------7-|-------7-------7/12-|-7--5--4--0--2---7-7-7-------|B|-----7-------7---|-----7-------7------|------------------------5--5-|G|---9-------9-----|---9-------9--------|-4---------------------------|D|-9-------9-------|-9-------9----------|-----------------------------| x2A|-----------------|--------------------|-----------------------------|E|-----------------|--------------------|-----------------------------|
Chorus: E Done by the hands of a broken artist B You painted black where my naked heart is? C#m Now I finally know what "wrong" is B Now I finally know that you bleed for nothing E Carved like a stone with your hands still shaking B Shown on display through a soul still C#m breaking Aren't you proud you're the A one that made me? Aren't you proud you're the one that made me Interlude: E--B--C#m--B-- Verse 2: E B You can't erase these C#m lines you can't save me B You can't display me E You know what "dismay" means B Can't even try to remember C#m what I knew Before I became B your model to claim no Refrain 2: C#m B I am no masterpiece A so strange that you B made all of me (Repeat chorus) Bridge: G#m C#m A I grew tired You expired E G#m You finished me now C#m that I'm all that you A E planned What do you think? (Repeat Chorus) Outro: E B Too bad you knew me I wasn't ready C#m B E(hold) I am no masterpiece at all _____________________________________________________________ 6.) Rebecca Key: D then F Chords used: D - xx0232 Daug - xx0132 Bm - x24432 Em - 022000 G - 320003 DM7 - xx0222 D7 - xx0212 F - 133211 Fsus - 133311 C/E - 032xxx C - x32010 Dm - xx0231 Bb - x13331 Gm - 355333 Intro:
Piano: D Daug Bm Eme|-2-|-------0-----|-2-----0-------|-0--0---0---2--0----|B|-3-|---3-----3---|-3--3-----3--2-|-0----3---3-0-----3-|G|-2-|-1---1-----1-|-4-------------|-0----------0-------|D|---|-------------|---------------|-2----------2-------|A|---|-------------|---------------|--------------------|E|---|-------------|---------------|--------------------|
D Daug Eme|-2-|-------0-----|-2--0h2p0-|B|-3-|---3-----3---|-0--------|G|-2-|-1---1-----1-|-0--------|D|---|-------------|-2--------|A|---|-------------|----------|E|---|-------------|----------|
Verse 1: D D7 DM7 Stood by my missus in the lobby D D7 DM7 Asked to carry bags of Madame D D7 DM7 Elevators rush to the sea D D7 DM7 Rummaged through my coat for the key D D7 DM7 After tea lounged on the sofa D My lady spoke of D7 DM7 everyone she knew there D She paused Grabbed D7 my wrist Said DM7 "Now darling there D he is" I looked up D7 My surroundings D7 stirred and smeared Refain 1: Bb F His eyes calm and distant Bb F His mouth so severe Gm Fsus Though half his age I was C I've never been in love Before then
Piano: in Refrain Bb Fe|-------------------|----15-15-13-17-15-13-15-13-|B|-------------------|----------------------------|G|-------------------|----------------------------|D|-------3---------3-|-3--------------------------| x2A|-1--1-----1---1----|-3--------------------------|E|-------------------|-1--------------------------|
Gm Fsus Ce|-10--10--18-18-15-15-17-17-|--------13-|-------------------------22--20-|B|-11--11--------------------|-10--10----|--------------------------------|G|-12--12--------------------|-10--10----|------0-------0-------0---------|D|-12--12--------------------|-10--10----|----2-------2-------2-----------|A|-10--10--------------------|--8---8----|-3-------3-------3--------------|E|---------------------------|-----------|--------------------------------|
Chorus: F C/E Dm Max you're so distraught F C/E Dm Perhaps I'll help you out F C/E Your wife was so Dm much more than me F C/E Dm But I can be her now F C/E Dm I can be her now Verse 2: D Rush down the D7 DM7 stairs to that man D D7 DM7 Mr. Summer he nodded his head D D7 With laughter in his eyes D7 A smirk followed close behind D "We're strangers but I'm D7 DM7 sure we should be married" Refrain 2: Bb F I spoke to my master Bb F She nodded her head Gm Fsus Though I was young and scared C With Max standing there We took our first step (Repeat Chorus) Outro: F C/E Dm I can be her now _____________________________________________________ 7.) 19 Stars Key: F then G Chords used: Dm - xx0231 Bb - x13331 F - 133211 C - x32010 Bbm - x13321 G - 320033 Em - 022000 D - xx0232 Verse 1: F Don't tell me you're done for Bb I Don't need to hear you're done for Dm But you can tell me what you are running from Bb I need you more than you need you F I can see you're really really running Bb Can I ask you where you gonna run to Dm And you think you're living as a ghost now Bb Now quite heavens are for angels Refrain: Dm We all feel like C we're breaking sometime Bb But I won't let Bbm(hold) you go tonight Chorus: F Stay awake stay Dm awake tonight Bb I've got 19 stars that I C F Give your name tonight And I wanna scream Dm wanna scream your name Star light star Bb bright can save C F You're my wish tonight Verse 2: F Don't tell me it doesn't matter Bb I'll tell you what matters Dm Bare feet in the summer Bb Open windows at night F You think that no one needs you Bb You don't have nothing Dm to see through Well I need you I need you Bb Don't I count? Let's fight Refrain 2: Dm It's morning now C time to suffer again Bb A safety that Bbm(hold) drunken pile
Guitar 2: in "pile"e|-5-5--8-6--5h6p5-------|B|------------------8--6-|G|-----------------------|D|-----------------------|A|-----------------------|E|-----------------------|
(Repeat Chorus 1) Bridge: Dm No one can catch me Bb The way that you catch me The way that you keep me F when I'm uptight What if I need you C What if I can't see you I'm running out of life (Repeat) Dm-Bb-F-C
Bass Line: in Bridge Dm Bb F CG|-------------|-------------|-------------|----------------------------|D|-------7-7-7-|-------3-3-3-|-------------|-------5-5-5---5----5h7p5---|A|-5-5-5-------|-1-1-1-------|-------3-3-3-|-3-3-3-------3---3--------3-|E|-------------|-------------|-1-1-1-------|----------------------------| x2 x2 x2
Chorus 2: Modulate from F to G G Stay awake stay Em awake tonight C I've got 19 stars that I Stay awake stay D awake tonight Stay awake stay G awake tonight wanna scream Em wanna scream your name Star light star C bright can save D You're my wish C D You're my wish C D G(hold) You're my wish tonight __________________________________________________ 8.) Cardigan Weather Key: B Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: B7 - x2120x B - x24442 G#m7 - 4244xx E2 - 079990 C#m - x46654 B - x24442 G#m - 466444 F# - 244322 Em - 022000 F#/Bb - x143xx Eb - x68886 Intro: B7(hold) Verse 1: G#m7 I saw you with her dear E2 You tried to hide away G#m7 She left through the back door B7 Riff 1 You always had your secret ways G#m7 I acted so serene E2 I was so drowsy then G#m7 My fault I'm so careless C#m I gave you one too many pills
Riff 1:e|-------------|B|-4h5p4-2-0---|G|-----------3-|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Chorus: B7 E My oh my My alibi G#m F# E Em Restore my fate in these B7 E Words so clear My failure dear G#m F# E Em Lies tucked away in me Verse 2: G#m7 You wanted to play this game E2 I'll play it to F# Come here baby I will show B F#/Bb you what this girl can do G#m7 A mattress for a coffin E2 suites you very fine G#m7 You'll feel me with my others C#m as you're sewn under the seams (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: G#m--C#m--F#/Bb-----------------|B-Eb G#m--C#m--F#/Bb--B---E--Em--B---|E2(hold)-Riff 2-E2-Em(hold)
Riff 2:e|-7h9--10-9--7h9-|B|----------------|G|----------------|D|----------------|A|----------------|E|----------------|
(Repeat Chorus) Outro: G#m(hold) F#(hold) E(hold) Myy Ohh myy ___________________________________________________ 9.) Key: D Tuning: Drop D Chords used: Drop D only F#5 - 444xxx E5 - 222xxx G5 - 555xxx D5 - 000xxx A5 - 777xxx D - 0577xx
Intro: F#5 E5 G5 D5e|-----0---5-0-|-----0---5-0-|-------------|-------------|B|-------------|---------- --|-------------|-------------|G|---2---2-----|---2---2-----|-------------|-------------|D|-4-----------|-2-----------|-5-5-5-5-5-5-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-|A|-------------|-------------|-5-5-5-5-5-5-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-|D|-------------|-------------|-5-5-5-5-5-5-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-|
x2 x2or F#5 E5 G5 D5e|--------------|--------------|-------------|-------------|B|---------10---|---------10---|-------------|-------------|G|-----9------9-|-----9------9-|-------------|-------------|D|---7---7------|---7---7------|-5-5-5-5-5-5-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-|A|-9------------|-7------------|-5-5-5-5-5-5-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-|D|--------------|--------------|-5-5-5-5-5-5-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-| x2 x2
Verse 1: Same plucking as intro F#5 E5 Fate leave on my doorstep G5 D5 A soldier. A soldier F#5 E5 A fable, a fortune G5 D I long for. I long for A5 D Ever so secret I see E5 D what's in store for me A5 D I won't let it mislead G5 A5 Oh no, No, it hasn't happened yet Chorus: D5 A5 As for the dying and the fading G5 and resolve to be Okay with the natural decay D5 A5 G5 I'll choose illusion And safety a hundred times over E5 I'm prefer to be happy and deceived F#5 D5 I'm supposed to be happy and deceived Verse 2: Same plucking as intro F#5 E5 Let us find perfection G5 D5 Nonesense in all we are F#5 E5 And save defects for later G5 D5 We're angels now A5 D E5 Hide my uniform pride Your arrogant side D I'm aching already A5 D Hide your taciturn mundane expressions G5 A5 Affection will carry us a little while more (Repeat Chorus 1 except last 2 lines) E5 I'm prefer to be happy and deceived F#5 G5 I'm supposed to be happy and deceived E5 F#5 D5(hold) Let us be entertain, let me believe end this way
Guitar 2:e|-5-------5---|B|---3-2h3---3-|G|-------------|D|-------------| (repeat many times)A|-------------|D|-------------|
Guitar 1: palm mute E5 F#5 G5e|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------|D|-2-2-2-2-2-2--4-4-4-4-4-4--5-5-5-5-5-5-|A|-2-2-2-2-2-2--4-4-4-4-4-4--5-5-5-5-5-5-| (repeat but next repeat is distorted)D|-2-2-2-2-2-2--4-4-4-4-4-4--5-5-5-5-5-5-|
Guitar 2:e|-------10--------10-|B|-7--8------7--8-----|G|--------------------|D|--------------------| (repeat many times)A|--------------------|D|--------------------|
Chorus 2: D5 A5 As for the dying And as for the rotting G5 I'm okay with natural decay D5 I'll choose illusions A5 G5 and safety a hundred times over E5 I'm prepared to be happy and deceived F#5 G5 I'm supposed to be happy and deceived E5 I'm prepared to be happy and deceived F#5 G5(hold) Drop this curtain I'm happy and naive
Outro:Guitar 2:e|-------10--------10-|B|-7--8------7--8-----|G|--------------------|D|--------------------| (x4)A|--------------------|D|--------------------|
_____________________________________________________ 10.) Courage Robert Key: E Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: E - 022100 B - x24442 C#m - x46654 A - x02220 B/D# - x6444x Verse 1: E B E B He saw a lonely girl She saw a lonely world C#m A It was a canvas, slyly careless E B A florestan lieder E B E And his was a dying breed Courage came only from B C#m symphony A decorative smile A E B to fade out His concerto in A Chorus 1: C#m A Come on A second chance at love C#m The moments dead Make you feel like it's A never staying Verse 2: E(hold) Made love to a baby grand E B A tempest refined inside his hands C#m A He had one girl, and one song E B Bone fide wine and roulade E B But he had to give it up E B His heart was raw But his fingers numb C#m A His first words were his last words E B A(hold) An aesthete since first sun (Repeat Chorus 1) Chorus 2: C#m A It burned The first attempt or two C#m But I remembered you A I need that moment back Please don't, don't don't. Bridge: C#m A tremor for death B/D# Ivories that sliced sedatives in half C#m Releif in the Rhine Washed away regrets B/D# A And let him char before he carressed the ground B Dear artist you will rise again C#m B A last arabesque in faint fashion Chorus 3: C#m B Come on A second change at love A The moments dead Make you feel E like it's never ending C#m A It burned The first attempt or two C#m A But I remembered you I I need that moment back C#m Please don't don't forget Outro: A He woke A final view of blue C#m Dear cordias Wet rouge A Relieve romance to graves C#m(hold) Please, please don't forget _________________________________________________________ 11.) Setting Up Sunday Key: C Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used C - x32010 G - 320003 Am - 002210 F - 133211 E/G# - 476xxx G/B - x2x003 Verse 1: C Setting up Sunday G Watching the winter Am F grow so oh no C We're making excuses G Am For Insecurities F It's not about me Oh it's never about me
Guitar 2: in "we're making excuses" C G Am Fe|-8---8---8---8-|-7---7---7---7---|-8---8---8---8---|-10---10---8---7---|B|---8---8---8---|---8---8---8---8-|---8---8---8---8-|----8----8---8---8-|G|---------------|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|D|---------------|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|A|---------------|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|E|---------------|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|
Refrain: Am F Now I can't go on C G E/G# I'm lost and alone Am F Now my lovers gone C G I'm lost and alone Chorus: C Kid, I'm right here G/B and I'm not leaving Am G There's no way F to make you stay C But, I'm saving G/B Am all my worries for G That day you F(hold) don't need me
Guitar 2: in Chorus C G/B Am G Fe|--------12----12----12----|---------12----12----12----|-12-|-10-|--8-|B|-----------13----13----13-|------------13----13----13-|-13-|-12-|-10-|G|-9h10h12------------------|-9h10h12-------------------|-14-|-12-|-10-|D|--------------------------|---------------------------|-14-|-12-|-10-|A|--------------------------|---------------------------|-12-|-10-|--8-|E|--------------------------|---------------------------|----|----|----|
C G/B Am G Fe|--------12----12----12----|---------12----12----12----|-7-7-7-7-|-8-8-8-8-|-1-|B|-----------13----13----13-|------------13----13----13-|---------|---------|---|G|-9h10h12------------------|-9h10h12-------------------|---------|---------|---|D|--------------------------|---------------------------|---------|---------|---|A|--------------------------|---------------------------|---------|---------|---|E|--------------------------|---------------------------|---------|---------|---|
Verse 2: C(hold) Oh We're selling out Monday G Watching the children Am F grow so cold no C Oh they're weighing our hands down G Am Our human frailties F It's not about me Oh it's never about me (Repeat Refrain And Chorus) Interlude: Am--C--F-- Bridge: Am Kid I'm right here C It's now morning F There's no way Please stay Interlude: Am--C--F-- x5 Outro: C Setting up Sunday G Watching their Am hearts in soil F Grow mold _____________________________________________________ 12.) Yellow Butterfly Key: D Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: D - xx0232 A - x02220 Bm - x24432 G - 320033 Verse 1: Bm G She was just 5 years old D A slightly moody day A She couldn't stay away Bm from that rivers edge and I G I turn my back to count All the daffodil D seas that surrounded I close my eyes and A then heard the water wake up Chorus: G And I, I can still A hear that scream Bm It's still lingering in the air everywhere A "Mother, please save me grab my hand" G (I can't I can't) A I can still see that face Bm sink beneath the waves Baby please breath for me A give me time I am here Where did you go? G A Where did you go? G Where did you go? A Hey where did you go? Verse 2: D Were the angels that lonely? Bm Couldn't they suffice G for anybody else? Can't everybody just lie to me A She's home she's home D Crying for me now Every night on a Monday Bm I will visit the G same spot that I hate Yes the place that baby loved A and now she can taste D Bm it oh it took her away Verse 3: G It's been five years since then D And when it hits September A I'll feel like I'm dying again Ian still won't even talk to me talk to me Bm G Isn't this pain guilt enough D I can't even look out the window without seeing reflections A distorted in the sun (Repeat chorus and Verse 2 except last line) D it oh it took her away Verse 4: Bm And the pain hits me like gunshot G And I'm heading on the way to the D floor I hear her name and it kills A me Oh Bottles up Bottles up Bm Bottles up Verse 5: And I'm trying my G best to hurt me D Ian says it's never enough A razor to the wrist for A each unshed tear cough it up Bm G A drink it up drink it up (Repeat Verse 2 except last line) D it oh it took her away Bm it oh it took her away G A it oh it took her away Verse 6: Bm G So I had a coma when I D crashed my car in the lake I saw your face down there A Bm I knew it was not a mistake So I went to the doctor G I told him oh my heart will D break If I couldn't see you A He just gave me more pills Verse 7: Bm But I saw you up there G Still floating by the river D God you always loved that river A I bet your heaven looks just like it Verse 8: Bm G Then I'll like it too even D though it scares me now A But when I'm with you Bm G I'll be just fine D I'll be just fine A We can sit we can talk about Bm talk about Butterflies G D A Bm(hold) Butterflies Butterflies _________________________________________________ 13. Strawberry Waltz Key: D Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: D - xx0232 D9 - xx0230 DM7 - xx0222 D7 - xx0212 Dsus - xx0233 Em - 022000 Bm - x24432 A - x02220 G - 320033 Gm - 355333 Bb - x13331
Intro: pm means palm mute D D9 D7 Em Ae|-2----|-0----|-2--2h3p2--5--3-2-|-2--0-|-2--0-|B|-3----|-3----|-1----------------|-0--0-|-2--2-|G|-2-pm-|-2-pm-|-2----------------|-0--0-|-2--2-|D|-0----|-0----|-0----------------|-2--2-|-2--2-|A|------|------|------------------|-2--2-|-0--0-|E|------|------|------------------|-0--0-|------|
D Dsus De|-2-|-3-|-2--2-|B|-3-|-3-|-3--3-|G|-2-|-2-|-2--2-|D|-0-|-0-|-0--0-|A|---|---|------|E|---|---|------|
Verse 1: D D9 Disreguard what we know D7 D7 Well your voice is so low G Will I stay Will I Bb D go this evening D D9 See the light on the rail D7 Reflect red off the D7 G tail lights In front Bb D of us Slowly leading Chorus: A D Heed my warning my darling Bm A G Don't let the twilight drown A D Feel the shoreline thriving Bm A Turn around Turn around G Turn around Verse 2: D D9 Well we pull of the road D7 d7 Sinking slow, sinking slow G Bb D And the gravel recedes into dust D D9 And the unfaithful sun D7 D7 Went to burn all alone G Bb Just to love just for love D Just for plain simple love (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Bm G D Em A Oh oh (4x) (Repeat Chorus) ________________________________________________________ 14. Timmy Key: C then D Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: C - x32010 G/B - x2x003 G - 320003 Am - x02210 F - 133211 D - xx0232 A - x02220 Bm - x24432 Intro: C--G/B x2 Verse 1: Sing these lines same with their song ROSES C Oh my god there's his eyes again G/B Turn around and fake indifference C Then I'll watch his smooth G/B black silhouette disappear C Too many bodies fill the club G/B Too many faces over done C Am Why am I here? Why am I here? C Am Why am I here? Why am I here? Refrain: Am G Watch him leave the floor F My body's edging towards Am G the door I return instead F I'm not done pretending yet Never done pretending yet Chorus 1: C G I'm indifferent Let me go Gonna dance and think of Am him no more Never never G understand the words I wrote Never mind aheart thats C broken right He could never be G mine Something that I do is fight Am fight it I'm indifferent to you G I've got nothing for you Interlude: C--G/B-- x2 Verse 2: C He stares at her across G/B the floor My undressed heart now an open door C He order drinks Now the G/B scene is falling through C Over there they're G/B not over there Once empty corner now filled C with her Why am I here? Am C Why am I here? Why am I here? Am Why am I here? (Repeat Refrain And Chorus 1) Interlude: C--G--Am--G Bridge: C Empty spaces G and empty spaces (empty spaces) Am And rocking numbers (and rocking numbers) G And I can't hear it C Empty spaces and G rocking numbers Am And reaching for G the banister Chorus 2: C G I'm indifferent Let me go Gonna dance and think of Am him no more Never never G understand the words I wrote Never mind aheart thats (hold) broken right Chorus 3: Modulate from C to D D A I'm indifferent Let me go Gonna dance and think of Bm him no more Never never A understand the words I wrote Never mind aheart thats D broken right You could never be mine A Something that I do is fight Bm fight it I'm indifferent to you A I've got nothing for you Outro: D(hold) I've got nothing for you now A(hold) I've got nothing for you now Bm(hold) I've got nothing for you A G A D(hold) I've got nothing for you ______________________________________________________ 15. Sta. Barbara Key: C Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: C - x32010 G - 320003 Am - x02210 FM7 - xx3210 Bm - x24432 G/B - x2x003
Intro: C G Ame|---------0---3-|-1------1---0-|----------------12--12--0-0-0-0-0-0-|B|-1-1-3-1---1---|--------------|-----1---1h3h5--13--13--1-1-1-3-3-1-|G|---------------|----0-0---0---|----------------14--14--2-2-2-2-2-2-|D|---------------|--------------|------------------------2-2-2-2-2-2-|A|---------------|--------------|-0-0---0----------------0-0-0-0-0-0-|E|---------------|--------------|------------------------------------|
C Bm Ame|---------0---12--12-|-2-2-2-2-2-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-|B|-1-1-3-1---1-13--13-|-3-3-3-3-3-|-1-1-1-1-1-1-|G|-------------12--12-|-4-4-4-4-4-|-2-2-2-2-2-2-|D|--------------------|-4-4-4-4-4-|-2-2-2-2-2-2-|A|--------------------|-2-2-2-2-2-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-|E|--------------------|-----------|-------------|
Verse 1: FM7 I Pray for them I often loose track C So I took a drag G/B of my first cigarrette FM7 and I found my head Roll down the dumps C G/B of 27th street FM7 I drew a sketch with lipstick and sidewalk C of Newports edge G/B Legoblock cliffs FM7 and an ocean that doesn't deserve the G sounds of silence I'd swear on a dead artists grave Chorus: Am And I found a spot G where the drunk never got to C it rocks me gently silent silent Am If I never surface G it doesn't matter C Hold my breath It's silent silent Verse 2: FM7 Diligent Escape by the water C Not sick of it G/B It only gets harder FM7 That's no excuse to block all the cliches and C G/B reason for kicks FM7 He strokes her hair both sitting on sand C and her shoulders bare G/B nothing to demand of them FM7 laying back on a lonely stone wall C and passersby G/B look passed it all (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Am-G-C-G/B x2 (Repeat Chorus) ________________________________________________________ 16. How Much Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: E - 022100 G#m - 466444 A - x02220 B - x24442 C#m - x46654 B/Eb - x698xx Verse 1: E G#m A B Sleep on now I heard that a knee makes a good pillow E G#m When your down And do you like it A When someone tickles your arm? B Curl your locks of hair round and round E G#m A You're so tired Let me straighten out your shirt B As your chest rises up and down E G#m A I don't get it either But somehow we'll learn B How the earth spins round and round Refrain: A B G#m A You need to fall Thats what people always say B G#m A You don't know anything at all you haven't felt the pain Chorus: E B/Eb B G#m When should I crawl When should I take the final blow A B When is it bad enough. To earn the right to show E B/Eb B G#m How hard should I fall Before it's my turn to be hear A B How much pain should I show on my face Before you listen to a word Post Chorus: A B E How bad should I hurt? How much is enough? how bad should I hurt? Verse 2: E G#m A You just jerked I hope you're dreaming B But isn't drowning all we've earned? E G#m A B I won't close my eyes till you lay still, and I won't cry E G#m A B I've been through nothing I haven't witnessed a full stab E G#m A B I need to experience something before I get laughed at (Repeat Refrain and Chorus twice and Post Chorus) Interlude: A--B--E(hold) _______________________________________________________ 17. I'll Find Mine Tuning: Standard EADGBe Key: E chords used: E- 022100 B - x24442 C#m - x46654 A - x02220 F#m - 244222 D - xx0232 Intro: E--A-- x2 Verse 1: F#m A There's here after E A I saw our picture F#m A You looked so happy E A When I saw you with her B C#m A And I'm so glad I knew you B C#m before you met her So I know A How guys are before they get her Chorus: E I've got it down You showed me again Just so you know B Don't push me around I know you resent that I'm alone A Pity and mercy B Do nothing for me You know me better than anyone E Go get your girl She's looking at you like you're crazy B and we can pretend you never even knew me A It would work out B Don't let go of that one C#m A And I'll find mine Verse 2: F#m A E Run into you Everytime A I walk out my door F#m A Oh it's precious like E You've never held my A hand like that before F#m A No need to stop and wave E You stay calm B and I'll be brave F#m A Don't ever look down on me E A Don't ever feel bad for me (Repeat Chorus except last line) C#m B A And I'll find mine Bridge: E Oh find mine Find mine Look at C#m me look at me I've got time to find Mine(4x) D A mine (Repeat Chorus except last line) C#m And I'll find mine B And I'll find mine A(hold) And I'll find mine _____________________________________________________ 18. Lessons In New Jersey Key: D Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Bm - x24432 A - x02220 G - 320033 D - xx0232 Em - 022000 F# - 244322
Verse 1: Bm So I met a guy He?s from New Jersey Took me out to get some food What you do I asked I play the guitar Well baby I play the guitar too Bm Do you have plans D for Saturday Do you think that A you could watch me play I don't know it depends Em on what's going on backstage Verse 2: Bm So we talked some more of scales and chords And when I first attempted to And he told me that's not the way to go I said baby I don't get you Chorus 1: Bm Don't you ever play D what you feel inside No baby I ain't got A the time to figure out F# what makes you smile or makes you tend to lie
Post chorus riff: Bm, * means harmonicse|------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------3--3h5--5--5p0-|G|---4----4----4------------4----4----4-----------------|D|---4----4----4--7*--7*----4----4----4-----------------|A|-0-2--0-2--0-2--7*--7*--0-2--0-2--0-2-----------------|E|------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 3: Bm So he started playing a melody And wanted me to start soloing I don't know quite what to do He said pick it up and I'll help you through Chorus 2: Bm Don't you ever play D what you feel inside No baby I ain't got A the time to figure out Em what makes you smile or makes you tend to lie Bm It's too late now D I'll show you how A Em Put that guitar down Put that guitar down Interlude: Bm-- x4 then Bm--A x8 Bm Dadalaladada D Dadalaladadada Bm Dadalaladada D Dadalaladadada Bm Dadalaladada A Dadalaladadada Bm Dadalaladada Em Dadalaladadada (Repeat) Bridge: G Time oh time it slips so fine D A It kills me about every time Em I decide that time has come D A Figure I'll go get me some Em That's not what your supposed to do D Don't dare go back A the failures too G Maybe I'm a failure Bm too so lets get on with it (Repeat Chorus 2) (Repeat Bridge) outro: Bm So I met a guy He's from New Jersey Learned a little more than I thought I would Bm Love Me Love Me Love Me Love Me ________________________________________________________ 19. Just One Of Those Things Key: D Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Bm - x24432 D - xx0232 G - 320033 A - x02220 Intro: Bm--D--G--- x2 Verse 1: Bm Give me a minute D I need a second G Got to breathe there It's Just one of those things Bm wish I could tell you D How much I need you G And how much you need me to go Chorus: D Please don't listen Bm to what I'm gonna tell you G Look in my eyes and know that A D I simply had to give up But I didn't let Bm go without struggle G you know I still love you It's just just one of those things Interlude; Bm--D--G--- Verse 2: Bm I know I made it seem G Like all was written down D And I hid all my pain A And now I bring it out Bm And you'll be scared at first D cuz it's such an ugly blow G I don't know which is worse to learn or not to know (Repeat Chorus twice) Interlude: D--Bm--G--- x2 (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Meg Bm G I tried to tell you a million times D That you have always been one of us A I tried to tell you a million times You have always been one of us (Repeat) Dia: while Meg sings the bridge Bm Please don't listen G Please don't listen D A PLease don't listen Bm(hold) PLease don't listen _____________________________________________________ 20. My Baby Is Better Than Yours Chords used: C5 - x355xx D5 - x577xx E5 - x799xx Bm - x24432 G - 320033 Em - 022000 C - x32010 Ghi - x-10-12-12-x-x D - xx0232 Intro: Meg: C5--D5--C5--E5-C5
Dia:e|-------------|-------------|-2-2-2-3-3-3-|-------------|B|-0-0-0-3-3-3-|-0-0-0-------|-------------|-------------|G|-------------|-------2-2-2-|-------------|-------0-0-0-|D|-------------|-------------|-------------|-2-2-2-2-2-2-|A|-------------|-------------|-------------|-2-2-2-3-3-3-|E|-------------|-------------|-------------|-0-0-0-------| x2 x2 x2
Verse 1: C5 D5 Some say sufferings not much but I say... C5 We make sure to know Bm We know a lot of who we're killing Chorus: Em G We fell apart We all fell apart C Underestimate what it means to me (Repeat ) Verse 2: Palm mute C5 We're all different right? (We're all different right) D5 Age is one, other side, different lines Different roles, Different rules to abide by C5 Bm And all these lines self divide to races of men Cause we're all different right? (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Bridge: C5 Ghi We're all different right? (We're all different right) G Step over, Step over that clever line Em Gotta figure out which side is right C Choose a destiny to live by D If you wanna live or die or fight G And only one side wins Em And what I think of this I don't know C It's not that I'm afraid of dying D It's just, I'm so afraid to live Interlude: Em--D (x2) Verse 3: C5 D5 Some say that clevers as they come C5 Bm But I say, We slowly learn to biteupon the sun Perfect's finally gone and (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Bridge) Em D5 C5 Hate is what fuels our wars and bloody lips Bm Em Don't listen to love But I can sing songs D5 C5 And I can sing about how I know Bm I know that this is wrong (Repeat Bridge) C5 D5 Some say sufferings not much Em(hold) But I say... ___________________________________________________ 21. What Are You Into Key: F Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Dm - xx0231 Bb - x13331 F - 133211 C - x32010 Bbm - x13321 FM7 - xx3210
Intro: Dm Bb F Ce|-1-------1-0-|---------------|-------------|-----------------|B|---3---------|---------------|-------------|-------1---------|G|-----2-------|-----3---------|-----2---2---|-----0-----0-----|D|-0-----0-----|---3---3-3h5p3-|-------3---3-|---2-----2---3-2-|A|-------------|-1-------------|---3---------|-3---------------|E|-------------|---------------|-1-----------|-----------------|
Dm Bbme|-1-----------1-0-|-1---|B|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|-2---|G|-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-|-3---|D|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|-3---|A|-----------------|-1---|E|-----------------|-----|
Chorus: Dm Bb F C I can't sing with an angry song Dm Bb F C makes me sick i can't think straight Dm Bb F C i fall apart when i think of the world Bb C Dm(Riff) think of the world i'm in
Riff:e|-----------------5-5-5-5-|B|-------------6---6-6-6-6-|G|---------7-------7-7-7-7-|D|-----7-----------7-7-7-7-| x2A|-5-5---5---5---5-5-5-5-5-|E|-------------------------|
Verse 1: Dm F once in a paper doll world Bb C i felt the pain of a summer Dm porcelain skin that F the sun would soon hurt Bb C such were the pains of my wanders Bb C poor little girl with a sunburn Bb C poor little girl with a sunburn Verse 2: Dm F once was a shadow shrewn here Bb branches were C cracking like fingers Dm my little light got F caught in our fears Bb those were the fears C in my dream dear Bb as for my trembling C white fingers Bb as for these trembling C white fingers Chorus 2: Dm Bb F C I can't sing with an angry song Dm Bb F C makes me sick i can't think straight Dm Bb F C i fall apart when i think of the world Bb C FM7(Riff) think of the world i'm in
Bridge: Dm kill her right now Bb you'll regret it if you wait Bb Dm it's over when it's lost F Bbm sell me the secrets of love in a pint of blood Interlude: Dm--Bb-- x2 F i can't see with an angry soul Bbm (i can't sing with an angry song) F i can't sing when you're angry Bbm i can't see when you're angry F i can't see when you're angry Bbm i can't Interlude: F--Bbm--Dm--Bb--Dm--Bbm-- Verse 3: F He killed now Bb It could still Dm C remate so wonderful F Bb We could be Rapsey in Dm C talking form from now on F Don't hold on Bb Just give me Dm C something t
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