Public Affection – Death Of A Dictionary Album tab

Intro/Verse:   E B E B G#5 A5 G#5 A5

Chorus: G                           A
        It's got you now, so I will play

        G                           A
        It's got you now, so I will play play...
        A               E...
        Saviour for a day (back into intro progression)

out of verse progression, into Interlude:
        G#5 A5 G#5 A5    A5 G#5 G5

interlude bass riff: (bass tuned down 1/2 step)A----------------0--0--0~-----E---3--3--3~------------------
------------------------- WHO PUT THE FEAR IN HERE? ------------------------- Verse: Am Am~ (x2) Gm Gm~ Fm Fm~ Gm between verse and chorus, palm mute an F5 and slowly unmute. Chorus: C C G F FF xx GGG Interlude ("Someone told me once...") (This is not quite right, but best I could do) E (7th fret) Am Bm --------- GOOD PAIN --------- Just a muddier version of the Mental Jewelry song -------------- MORNING HUMOUR -------------- Verse: G# F F# G# G# F# And watch you grow into a man F# G# with a big burly beard F# G# and a mustache to match F# G# i'll watch you love the world F# G# and all that it has... Chorus: G# F# G# ------------- PAPER FLOWERS ------------- First verse is all bass. The rest are just G and Csus2 barre chords. G: 355433 Csus2: x35533 Chorus: Am Csus2 G oh why does she water them, paper flowers? ------------------ HANDS OF A TEACHER ------------------ Limited guitar in this one. During verse:
The rest of it is similarly based around playing with a Bsus2 - C#sus2 - Dsus2 progression, except: Interlude: G# F# ------ SISTER ------ Verses: Not a clue. It's too quiet and background. Chorus: F#5 (x4) and slide down off fretboard ------------- RAISING A MAN ------------- Intro: F#5 (9th fret) D5 Verse: F#5 (9th fret) D5 (x4) Fm Chorus: E (open) F# (2nd fret) A A ----- LIBRA ----- I give up. Somebody else do it. -------------- BALL AND CHAIN -------------- Verse: D5 G5 end of verse into chorus: D5 D5 D5 C5 C5 B5 chorus: B5 C5 (x3) D5 The little descending chord thing is just D5 down to G5 one fret at a time.
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