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Title:  Mile End
Artist: Pulp    (Written by Banks/Cocker/Mackey/Webber/Doyle/Seniour)
Source: Really nice song from Trainspotting soundtrack. Enjoy!

Transcribed by Dmitri Drozhko

Intro|------------||------------||------------|3 times|------------||-3----------||-----1------|
(verse 1) F We didn't have no where to live, C We didn't have no where to go 'til someone said Bb "I know this place off Burditt Road." F It was on the fifteenth floor, C It had a board across the door. It took an hour Bb To pry it off and get inside. Bbm It smelt as if someone had died. The living-room was full of flies, F The kitchen sink was blocked, C the bathroom sink not there at all. Cm Bb Ooh, it's a mess alright, Bbm F Yes it's Mile End. (verse 2) And now we're living in the sky! I'd never thought I'd live so high, Just like Heaven (if it didn't look like Hell.) The lift is always full of piss, The fifth floor landing smells of fish (Not just on Friday, every single other day.) Below the kids come out tonight, They kick a ball and have a fight And maybe shoot somebody if they lose at pool. (chorus) Ooh, it's a mess alright, Yes it's Mile End. [mumbled mutterings....] Oo-ooh (verse 3) Nobody wants to be your friend 'cause you're not from round here, ooh as if that was something to be proud about. The pearly king of the Isle of Dogs feels up children in the bogs. Down by the playing fields, someone sets a car on fire I guess you have to go right down before you understand just how, how low, how low a human being can go. (chorus) Ooh, it's a mess alright, yes it's Mile End. (don't do that! Leave it out!) Bababa... Lalala... Chords F 133211 C 335553 Cm 335543 Bb 113331 Bbm 113321 What do you call a musician without a girlfriend? Homeless:)
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